5 Smart home gifts to give this holiday season

5 Smart home gifts to give this holiday season

If you want to buy some new smart home devices for your home during this holiday, the smart home gadgets will certainly make your family happy and improve your quality of life. For adults who have set up a family, perhaps receiving a smart home gift is happier than a luxury dress, because an excellent smart home option may change their lives, not only for their personal lives; but also for their elders and children to have an extraordinary life experience.

We have compiled gift guides for the holiday season. You can add new smart homes to your family according to your needs and budget.

Intelligent floor sweeping robot -- a life assistant that can help you reduce the burden of housework.

In order to enjoy a happy holiday, having a party at home is an excellent option for many young people to relax and socialize. After the party, the snack bags and chips on the ground have become the most knotty problem for the owner of the house. Those footprints with mud may leave marks on the floor because they are not cleaned for a long time. At this time, your smart assistant, the floor-sweeping robot, can easily help you solve these problems.

The smart sweeping robot can sense the debris, dust and paper on the ground, and then wipe, inhale dust, and mop the floor in turn. This smart device gift can save a family the cost of hiring hourly workers to clean the house; and help the owner reduce the burden of housework. What's more. It improves the air quality of the house.

The sweeping robot can keep your home clean and reduce the possibility of dust accumulation. Due to its small size, the sweeping robot can easily clean the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed, and the corner.

There is no need to worry about forgetting the key after installing the smart lock.

Smart locks, a delicate gift, can not only improve the security of the house and protect the safety of family members and property;but also make us no longer worry about forgetting our keys. We can unlock it by entering the password directly.

Populife Smart Deadbolt is a real keyless smart latch, which integrates an automatic locking system and has the function of remote sharing pin code or digital key, that is, when you are out having a picnic with your family or gathering with friends at the moment, you can remotely share the password with the hourly worker or nanny who comes to clean. You can tell your family the access code so that they can experience the keyless entry mode. The Smart lock has many access modes, and entering a keypad code is the most common. You can enter letters or numbers on the keypad, or remote access the smart lock on your mobile phone.

You can choose Wi-Fi smart lock or Bluetooth smart lock according to your needs. Bluetooth smart lock will disconnect when you are too far away from home.

You don't have to install the smart lock on the front door. The Back door, safety box, or the room where the wine is stored, can also make the smart lock useful.

 Smart toilets can reduce bacteria in toilets and protect the health and safety of family members.

For families with high health requirements, buying a smart toilet may be a wise choice. Ordinary toilets often have microorganisms and bacteria that we can't see, which will cause infectious diseases and pose a threat to people's health.

The cleaning function of an intelligent toilet is much higher than that of a traditional toilet. It also has the functions of heating toilet cushions, female cleaning, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, and position adjustment.

If your family members include the elderly, children or pregnant women, then smart toilets can bring many conveniences to their lives. The body resistance of the elderly is relatively weak, and the intelligent toilet has the function of one key automatic operation. The powerful function of smart toilets makes people who are physically inconvenient no longer worry about toilet problems. Keeping a good and clean body is conducive to physical health. Especially those patients with stroke, hypertension, and obesity, can solve all kinds of problems without other help.

Smart lights can also be a good gift idea

Smart lights can adjust the intensity and brightness of lights according to your needs, and even change the color of the overhead lights, like blue light. It has so many smart features. You can freely switch the lighting style on your mobile app, for example, you can switch the lighting to the romantic western food mode; so that you can also experience the atmosphere of a western restaurant at home.

Smart lights can use physical switches or smart light switches on mobile phones. Some smart lights are also matched with voice sensing systems. When you enter the door, it will turn on the light automatically. When you leave home, you don't have to worry about wasting electricity because you forget to turn off the light.

With the smart light, you can go to the toilet without feeling dark in the middle of the night. The bathroom light will automatically light up, reducing the risk of falling.

 The smart coffee machine enables families to make a cup of hot coffee at home

When COVID-19 continues to recur and the canteen and takeout are blocked, it is an affordable option to buy a smart coffee machine at home. The smart coffee maker can be directly controlled by your mobile phone. You can choose the coffee you want to drink on the app of your mobile phone the night before going to bed and set the time. You can drink a cup of coffee and start a new day when you wake up the next day. For coffee lovers, this will be a perfect gift.

The voice assistant of the coffee machine can turn on the smart speaker to talk with the host, and obtain task instructions through the dialogue.

Let smart home products appear on your holiday gift list. These perfect gifts may surprise your holiday life.



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