7 reasons for using a smart lockbox versus a mechanical lockbox

7 reasons for using a smart lockbox versus a mechanical lockbox

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The sales volume of key lock boxes has been rising in recent years, while the sales volume trend of traditional mechanical lock boxes is very flat. The important reason for this phenomenon is that the scientific and technological performance of the smart lock box brings more convenience to people's lives, which is more suitable for this era of rapid development of science and technology.


The security of the smart lock box is higher

The smart lock box is a Bluetooth electronic key-safe storage device. Push button locks and gear locks are common lock boxes, while the smart lock box is a planar design. When you touch the lock surface, the keyboard will appear. Each buyer can set a custom user code on the corresponding mobile app. The owner can also set a permanent access code or a temporary access code. As long as the smart lock box is authorized to open and the access password is correct, the smart lock box can be unlocked and the respondent can access the key.

The smart lock box has a higher safety grade coefficient and has level 2 police certification. The smart lock box is accessed through a PIN password. The password keyboard has thousands of combination probabilities, and its probability of being cracked is very low.

 The safety of a mechanical lock box is far lower than that of a smart lock box. It needs a traditional mechanical key to open, which is undoubtedly a loophole. Once this key is lost or stolen, all the keys in the mechanical lock box will disappear, causing greater losses.

 The installation of a smart lock box can reduce the worry of property managers about the theft of goods in the community, and the theft rate is also greatly reduced through the reflection of residents. The real estate of residents has been provided with additional security.


There are many options for the installation position of the smart lock box

The removable shackle of the intelligent lock box can facilitate people to change its position. You can install the smart lock box on the wall or directly on the steel door handle. If your smart lock box is purchased for the vehicle, you can also install it on the door or window. It will not damage your door, and the installation steps are very simple. The effortless installation of the smart lock box can also be handed over to professionals, and it is free.

 These smart lock boxes have a body made of solid materials such as steel and are equipped with protective coatings to increase durability and prevent rust.

 You can also make an extra spare key for your lawn mower, bicycle and motorcycle, put it in the smart lock box to prevent the loss, and install the box in the garage or warehouse.

 The mechanical lock box is generally installed by traditional punching, which may damage the wall or damage the doors and windows.

 The wall-mounted design of the smart lock box provides permanent installation.


Waterproof and fall-resistant function

 The smart lock box adds the function of draining water to the appearance, that is, you don't need to worry about the damage to your smart home when the storm comes. In addition, the sturdy body also has high-strength fall and scratch resistance, which proves that it is very durable.

 The traditional lock boxes will rust when encountering water, and the rust block will scratch the user's hand, which will affect the user's experience.


Smart lock box incorporates fashion elements

 With the changes of the times, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and public aesthetics is also gradually improving. The old mechanical lock box has broken away from the standards of the times. The cumbersome shape and single color matching are also one of the reasons why it is not popular with the public.

 The intelligent mechanical lock box can choose different shapes according to the preferences of consumers, such as oval and rectangular intelligent lock boxes, and can also customize the colors.

 If you are afraid that the smart lock box will attract others' attention, you can also choose the traditional black and white.

 You can also customize the size of the smart lock. If you want to put the car key, door key, and magnetic card into the smart lock box, you can customize a lock box with a larger capacity from the merchant.


The smart lock box has the function of remote access

Populife smart lock box can be unlocked in remote access mode. Install the populife app on the mobile phone, and you can easily unlock the lock box on the mobile phone with the function of one click unlocking.

The smart lock box has an array of features, and its advanced features help people manage and control.

The function of remote access can reduce many troubles for the owner, for example, it can save the time for the owner to return the key. For the landlord of Airbnb, the smart lock box is more convenient to provide unlocking services for guests, and there is no need to exchange keys face-to-face. Houses with smart lock boxes have higher security and intelligence; and are often more popular with consumers, which increases the income of landlords.

The control principle of the bike lock for sharing a bike is similar to that of the smart lock box, which is controlled by mobile phones.


The smart lock box can keep visitors' access records

 The unlocking record of the lock box will be saved in the owner's mobile phone. For families with children, parents can check their children's home time through their mobile phones to ensure their children's safety.

 If important items are lost in your home, you can also query the time of loss according to the access record of the smart lock box. Who entered your home at what time can provide evidence and clues to find out the intruder.

 After installing the smart lock box, you can easily find out the access time of nannies, maintenance workers, and dog walkers.


The smart lock box will trigger an alarm when encountering danger

When an intruder violently destroys the lock box, the alarm will automatically sound, and the alarm information will be transmitted to the owner's mobile phone; so that the owner can timely know that there is a dangerous situation at home and deal with it in time, so as to reduce the loss of property.

 This technology cannot be surpassed by a mechanical lock box. Once the mechanical lock box is violently destroyed or the key to unlock is copied, the owner will face a big crisis.

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