A smart lockbox is a great tool for home renovation

A smart lockbox is a great tool for home renovation

Home decoration will keep your door open and closed by decoration workers. At this time, a smart lock box can help the owner improve the efficiency of decoration and ensure the safety of keys.

The Decoration is a big project for the owner, not only to protect the new furniture; but also to ensure the property safety of the home.

In recent years, many families who have stolen property or items due to decoration have been troubled by this. However, a smart lock box can solve many decoration problems.

If you just want to repaint the walls or redecorate the kitchen for your home, the items in the room don't need to be moved, but at the moment, there will be many decorators in and out of your home who have never met. How can you manage the keys and important property items in your home? Leave it all to the smart lock box.


What benefits can intelligent lock box bring to decoration companies

For decoration companies, the decoration time and efficiency of workers play an important decisive factor in the interests of the company. The higher the efficiency of workers' decoration, the easier it is to get customers' praise, so as to bring more profits to the decoration company.
The decoration time of workers can be recorded according to the smart lock box. The decoration company can install a smart lock box for the decoration family to facilitate the entry and exit of different construction teams and accurately calculate the construction time, which plays a role of supervision, so as to improve the decoration efficiency.


The smart lock box can help the owner manage the key

The smart lock box has different shared access rights. For decoration workers, the owner can send the password of the smart lock box to the decoration workers when they go out; so that the decoration work can continue without the workers waiting outside the door.

If you don't trust them very much, you can directly use the remote unlocking function to unlock the lock box for decorators directly on the mobile app, so as to avoid the leakage of your smart lock box.


The lock box can record the unlocking log

Even if you are not at home at the moment, you can't determine the start time and departure time of the decoration workers, but the lock box can help you record it and send the access information to the owner's mobile app.

If important items in your home are lost in the process of decoration or renovation, the access records on the smart lock box will become important evidence.


The smart lock box is additional protection for the key

If your decoration workers visit at different times, how can you protect the key without losing it in the process of handover?

Ordinary keys or magnetic cards are easy to lose. Once the keys are lost, there is a risk of being locked out. In addition, if the key is taken away, it may be copied. The installation of a smart lock box can solve this problem. The key will always stay safe in the lock box without being taken away by others.

In addition to storing keys at the door, the smart lock box can also be installed with locks that store other important items in the house, which plays an important role in protecting important items in the family.


The smart lock box has a one-time access function

The Populife smart lock box has three access levels. One-time access is very useful in the decoration scene. The owner does not need to tell the decoration workers the common password. The owner can set a one-time password for the decoration workers, which will become invalid forever after use.

In addition, you can schedule short-term or repeated visits. After the visit period, the visit will be deactivated. In this way, you can unlock the decoration workers without divulging the password of the smart lock box.


Reduce virus transmission without face-to-face key exchange

Storing the keys in the smart lock box without handover can reduce people's face-to-face exchange of keys in the context of the current epidemic, thereby reducing the spread of bacteria.

Especially, decoration workers, they will go to different families, and the risk of infection is higher, so the installation of a smart lock box can reduce the risk of infection to a certain extent.



In general, the smart lock box can make the decoration of your home more efficient. The decoration workers do not need to wait outside the home. When they get the access permission of the owner, they can enter the house and start working. And the smart lock box provides a "safe house" for the key; so that the owner's key is no longer handed over everywhere, and at the same time, it reduces the probability of bacterial and virus infection.


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