Application of lock box in the self-service car picking up

Application of lock box in the self-service car picking up

Emerging technologies are gradually making our lives more intelligent and convenient. Car owners always have to go through complicated procedures to pick up the car after buying a new car, and the lock box helps you solve your troubles.
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With the rapid development of the times, vehicles have become a common means of transportation for people, and the sales volume of vehicles has also increased year by year, which has become an essential means of transportation for almost every family.

The increase in vehicle sales means that the number of customers who pick up the car will also increase. We often encounter scenes where staff is overwhelmed, which not only makes employees tired; but also makes the customers who pick up the car dissatisfied with the service.

The way of self-service car collection can not only solve the distress of vehicle salespeople, but also enable customers to complete the car collection faster and more conveniently, without lengthy and complicated procedures, but only a smart lock box.


It is easy to pick up the car without the presence of staff

Usually, the car picking-up ceremony is very complicated. Customers need to sign a lot of documents and procedures and go to the designated place to get the car keys, which may waste customers' valuable time. The emergence of smart lock boxes can enable customers to pick up their cars independently, and also reduce the workload of staff.

The staff only needs to communicate with the customer online and sign the document, and then the staff will tell the customer the access password of the password lock box, and the customer can go to pick up the car directly without a further appointment.

For vehicle managers, they no longer need to carry a lot of car keys with them, and the smart lock box has become their smart assistant.


The safety performance of the lock box is very high

Compared with the traditional combination lock box, the lock box unlocked with a key, or a rolling roulette password is no longer suitable for today's era. The lock box security function of the Populife allows you to relax. The car key in the smart lock box must be safer than in a drawer or the pocket of the manager.

If the smart lock box is not locked successfully, the alarm mode will be triggered to remind the customer or the vehicle key manager that the vehicle key will be in danger of loss or theft. If the power of the lock box is less than 20%, it will also prompt the vehicle manager to charge in time to ensure the normal use of the lock box by customers.

The popular lock box uses a 9V battery to provide emergency power, which avoids the problem of lock box failure when customers use it.


Spacious and powerful with extra space

In addition to the spacious space, the smart lock box also has a unique pocket design. Important cards and car keys can be put into it for customers to receive.


No need to hand over car keys face to face

In today's era of high-speed virus transmission, self-service car pick-up can reduce crowd communication and contact, and greatly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. In the past, a staff member may have faced several customers who want to pick up the car at the same time, but now, customers only need to enter the password on the corresponding lock box, and they can pick up the car smoothly without contacting anyone. This is undoubtedly a good way to reduce the spread of the virus.



The era of intelligence has come. The installation of a smart lock box can make it more convenient for customers to pick up the car and complete the pick-up more smoothly. At the same time, it can also reduce the burden on vehicle managers and improve work efficiency.

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