Here is why you need a keybox for Airbnb Sharing

Here is why you need a keybox for Airbnb Sharing

Been using a keybox for my airbnb guest entry for a while now and it has been great

If you're sharing your airbnb room, a keybox is a good tool for protecting your personal property.

Keyboxes are easy to use and convenient because they allow access to renters without the need to meet them at a specific place. You can also choose the time and date that's right for you.

Here are some of the benefits of using a keybox:

  • It's useful because it protects against theft and vandalism while allowing renters easy access to your car
  • It's easy to use—just give instructions on where it should be installed in advance so that renters don't have any trouble finding it when they arrive at whatever rental location works best for everyone involved (your house, perhaps?).

Especially when guests book a trip and arrive very late at night (sometimes as late as midnight)


One of the best things about keyboxes is how convenient they are to use. Even if you aren't home when a guest arrives, they can easily get into your house with their shared key.

Even better, if you're sleeping in on the weekends and don't want to get up just so that a guest can come in and leave their stuff, guests can drop off their stuff while they go out exploring! It's perfect for people who want to explore a new city but don't want to lose out on much-needed sleep.


The keybox gives them 24 hour access and prevents me from having to worry about them not being able to get in。

The keybox is a perfect tool for Airbnb sharing because it allows guests to get into the car whenever they want. Unlike other methods of access, such as calling the host and arranging a time to meet at the car, having an automated keybox system means that guests can get in at any time without having to call or text you first.

The keybox is also great for hosts because it prevents me from having to worry about being available when my guest wants access. The fact that there’s no need for me or my guest to meet up makes things much easier on both ends—it cuts down on hassle and frees up my schedule so I don’t have to devote huge chunks of time just making sure everything runs smoothly when one person needs access.

Keep reading to find out more about what I use, how it works, and how you can use it too!

keybox is a secure box that you can use to safely store and access your keys. It's perfect for Airbnb hosts who want to provide a convenient way for guests to get into their rental without having to worry about handing over their keys.

keybox works by connecting with the Populife app, which sends out PIN code notifications when there's movement near the box. Once you receive these notifications, you'll know someone wants in—all they have to do is open it up and grab your keys! All of this happens from the comfort of your smartphone so no one has access inside the house but yourself.

Here's how it works:

  • You purchase a Populife keybox or two online directly from our website. They're easy-to-use devices that work with any environment. No wifi need. 
  • After receiving your device(s), mount them provided on our website/instructions inside each package--this part should only take 10 minutes or less total time!
  • Download Populife app from iOS or Android device; follow steps listed above until everything is synced up properly between both devices (iOs/Android).


If you have an Airbnb and get a keybox so you don't have to arrange meeting guests all the time.

As a home-sharing service user, you'll find that keybox is an essential tool. You don't have to worry about arranging meetings with your guests, or having to coordinate with them in person, as keybox does it for you. If you're renting out your apartment on Airbnb, for example, then a keybox can help eliminate the hassle of meeting guests in person and makes everything safer too.

In this article we'll explain what keybox is and how it works so that whether or not you're already using one or just thinking of getting one (we hope you do!) then by the end of reading this article you'll know whether or not a keybox makes sense for your situation as well as who might benefit from using one!


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