How does the smart lockbox facilitate the used car business

How does the smart lockbox facilitate the used car business

The development potential of the used car market is huge. The installation of smart lock box can make managers and customers have an extraordinary intelligent experience.
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It is undeniable that a car is expensive, and many young people cannot afford to pay for it in full. Most buyers want to reduce costs and get a car that is in good condition and cheap. Buyers often visit used car dealers. The used car market has also made a great contribution to the American economy. Their main concern is to provide quality customer service and technical services.  So how to optimize the operation of the used car market and how to make customers have a better car buying experience.

A smart lock box may solve these problems. The smart lock box can not only bring customers a more comfortable and simple car purchase experience; but also enable operators and managers of the used car market to better manage vehicles.


Putting the vehicle key in the smart lock box can ensure the safety of the vehicle

With the smart lock box, an essential tool, the managers of the used car market do not need to worry about the loss or theft of keys. You only need to set the unlocking password of the lock box on the mobile app and put the car key into the lock box, so you can no longer worry about the confusion or loss of the car key.

The smart lock box has high security. Its body is made of zinc alloy, which is strong and durable. The key in this high-tech tool must be safer than in the manager's pocket.


The shared access rights of the smart lock box allow customers not to wait

The Populife lock box consists of three shared access rights. The first is to generate a PIN code on the "Popup" application and share it remotely with your guests via SMS. When the operator leaves the store to join in the business meetings and cannot provide the customer with the car key, you can transmit the password to the customer by sharing the password remotely, so that the customer can not only enjoy the car purchase experience in time; but also save the time for the vehicle manager to send the key to the customer.

The second access method is to unlock the key box with a digital key within 5-9 meters of the physical range. This function eliminates the need for people to hand over keys face to face, reducing the spread of bacteria.

The third access mode is to connect the key box to the Wi-Fi gateway. You can unlock the key box remotely without sharing any pin code or digital key. This allows customers who buy cars to easily get their car keys and choose which car is best for them. The premise is that the vehicle manager should ensure that it is a customer and not a thief.

These three shared access rights can enable customers in the used car market to have a more advanced car purchase experience. And the vehicle manager can manage multiple vehicles at the same time and have unlimited access rights.


The smart lock box has multiple permission levels

The popup mobile application allows you to schedule access and set different permission levels from anywhere. Permanent access can be given to the managers of the used vehicle market; so that they can open the smart lock box at any time, provide services to guests, and allow managers to better manage keys.

If the vehicle manager and the guest have agreed on the car viewing time, a limited time visit time can be set for the guest. After the visit period, the visit will stop.

If the vehicle manager needs to go out temporarily at this time, he can set up one-time access for the customer. After the access, the access password used this time will never be valid.

Different access rights are applicable to different situations in the used car market. In a word, the function of the smart lock box can bring managers and customers a simpler way of the car purchase experience.


The smart lock box has an alarm function

When the smart lock box is forcibly pried open, the smart lock box will sound an alarm and send the danger information to the vehicle manager. If the manager still puts the car key in his pocket or casually on the desktop, the key will be stolen silently.

When the smart lock box is not closed, it will also send an alarm to remind people to close the lock box, so the installation of the smart lock box ensures the safety of vehicles in the used car market.



The installation of smart lock boxes in the used car market can not only make customers have a better car purchase experience, but also enable vehicle managers to better manage keys, and promote the economic development of the used car market.

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