How the smart lockbox can enable property viewing

How the smart lockbox can enable property viewing

The emergence of new technologies has also benefited real estate a lot. A smart lock box has become an intelligent assistant of real estate.

Have you ever thought about the benefits that smart lockboxes will bring to real estate companies and buyers? Most people believe that smart locks can protect keys and store spare keys in the home. In fact, an electronic lockbox can bring convenience to real estate managers and a comfortable viewing experience to buyers.

The real estate industry will involve intermediaries, buyers, and sellers. The installation of a smart lock box can improve the efficiency of house viewing, help intermediaries manage the lock keys, and facilitate buyers and sellers to enter and leave.


The management personnel of the intermediary company no longer need to take the house key with them

The personnel of the housing agency manage many houses to be sold, and each house is equipped with keys, this undoubtedly adds to their trouble of carrying keys. Some houses have two or more doors, which brings trouble to them in finding and carrying keys.

After installing the smart lock box, the housing intermediary no longer has to worry about not finding the key to the house or getting confused with other house keys, and you no longer need to put a lot of keys in your pocket, while avoiding the embarrassing situation caused by losing keys. The installation of the smart lock box allows the agent to show the house without having to go to the office of the listing agent or other places to get the key or the key card first, which can save a lot of time.

Housing agents only need to set the access password on the mobile device app. By entering the PIN code, they can unlock the lock box, take out the key, and put the key back into the lock box after use. The hard lock box is the safe home of the key.

If you lose the key, you will face the risk that the key will be copied or stolen. For the real estate industry, losing the key will bring a bad experience to buyers and inconvenience sellers. It is necessary for sellers to re-order and customize new keys. The smart lock box can easily solve these problems.


The smart lock box is convenient for buyers to enter and exit the units for sale

Usually, buyers will choose a suitable housing source on the Internet and contact the housing agent. After determining the time of good-looking housing, the agent can lead the buyer to see the house at a convenient time.

If the intermediary can't lead the buyer to see the house because of the emergency that day, how to solve this problem? A smart lock box may become your smart assistant. If the intermediary fails to arrive at the scene in time, the intermediary can tell the buyer the password of the password lock box, and the buyer can enter the room directly without key handover or key exchanges. Or open the door for customers by means of remote access.


The real estate management business enables self-display

How do allow buyers to visit the house by themselves? What benefits can it bring?

If the buyer's favorite house is in the suburbs, the installation of a smart lock box can save the intermediary time and money for commuting.

When the buyer and the intermediary communicate about the good-looking room time, the intermediary Housing Manager can set the guest access to open the door for the buyer, instead of the two sides meeting to hand over the keys, which can provide more efficient services for the buyer.

If all properties are nearby, self-display can give you the opportunity to take on more properties that are far away, thereby increasing profits.

The function of the Populife smart lock box is fully applicable to these scenarios. It has different access rights and access levels. The housing agent can not only send the pin password to the customers who watch the house; but also open the door for the visitors through the remote unlocking mode. However, generally speaking, self-presentation enables potential customers to visit the house 365 days a year and 12 hours a day without other restrictions.

In addition, the Popolife smart lock can also generate a one-time access code for buyers. When there are too many buyers looking at the house, they can efficiently show the house to buyers through the smart lock box.


The advantages of self-presentation include:

  • There is less coordination between real estate agents, intermediaries, and buyers looking at the house. The precious time spent coordinating the house can be used for other things.
  • Buyers and housing agents don't have to worry about the situation that the other party doesn't appear.
  • The self-service display helps your potential buyers have more flexibility in choosing the display time at night or on weekends.
  • Real estate and intermediary companies can expand the scope of investment and increase the supply of houses; because fewer houses need housing intermediaries to manage.
  • Buyers or renters can visit the rental units or the new house as soon as possible to obtain instant satisfaction and improve the purchase experience.
In a word, a smart lock box is an intelligent choice for real estate and housing agents whose advantages outweigh their disadvantages.


Portable lock box

After the house is sold, you can move the smart lock box to the next house to be sold, which can save the time of buying a new smart lock box every time a new house is popped up.

The Popolife smart lock box is a portable lock box. It has a detachable function, and you don't have to worry about damaging the door or wall.



Smart devices make our life simpler and more comfortable. A smart lock box can help real estate professionals, leasing agents, buyers and landlords avoid a lot of trouble. The self-display of houses proves that non-contact house viewing can bring higher efficiency to buyers and intermediaries.

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