How to choose the right smart lockbox

How to choose the right smart lockbox

Losing the key may be a nightmare for people who use traditional keys and RFID cards. The smart lock box can become their smart assistant to avoid the problem of losing the key for the owner, so that the owner can unlock the key through instructions no matter when and where, and can safely go home after tiring work, enjoying the convenience and comfort brought by the smart device.

But in the face of smart lock boxes with different models and functions in the market, how should people choose the right smart lock box and what factors should people consider. Next, I will provide some information about the smart lock box, hoping to bring you a good shopping experience.

What is the lockbox?

The smart lock box is a kind of storage device, which can put home keys, car keys, key cards, and other items into it. The smart lock box is where people input the unique PIN code into the relevant applications of smartphones. When the smart lock detects that the entered lockbox code is correct and authorizes to open the lock box, people can get the key or the card stored in the lockbox.

In short, the smart lock box is additional security protection for the key. The smart lock box has security features. People unlock the smart lock box by entering passwords on the wireless keypad or remote control and other different access modes.

The details of visitors are recorded on the smart password box management portal; so that the owner can easily verify whether or when the access occurs.

What is the purpose of your smart lockbox?

Remote access makes the check-in process easy. If you are a landlord of Airbnb, the key lock box can save you a lot of time to send the keys yourself. You can install the key box directly on the door handle and transmit the access codes to customers before check-in. The non-contact check-in method can reduce the probability of getting sick caused by face-to-face contact in a period of high epidemic virus infection rate.

In the later stage of installing a smart lock box for your home, you don't need to hide the key somewhere as before and worry about the loss of the key.

Most brands of smart lock boxes use stainless steel lock bodies, which have high strength and hardness and play a good anti-collision role. When the smart lock box is forcibly opened, it will trigger another layer of security. The information about the box being opened will be transmitted to the owner's mobile device, and it can be unlocked only after the owner's confirmation.

The smart lock box is waterproof, which means that when a storm comes, you don't need to worry about damage. A weatherproof lockbox has the function of heatstroke prevention 

The smart lockbox reduces a lot of trouble for the car rental platform. The car rental platform can unlock the car for customers through remote-controlled one-key unlocking or directly transmit the customer password on the car rental platform to unlock the car.

The smart lock box is also very suitable for remote sites, contractors, facility management, or nursing personnel.

Different access modes of the smart lock box

PIN code is the most common access mode, which is easier for the elderly, children, and customers renting platforms.

WiFi smart lockbox easily grants anyone access anytime, anywhere through your mobile device. Send the electronic key to your guests using the popolife application. The guest will unlock it by touching the button before arriving at the smart lockbox.

No access card or physical key is required, and keyless entry is adopted. Send the electronic key to the guest, tenant, nanny, dog walker, or repairman, and receive a text confirmation when opening the lockbox.

Bluetooth lock is a technical solution for short-distance unlocking based on Bluetooth connection technology, which greatly improves the security and intelligence of the lock. Through Bluetooth recognition, non-contact unlocking and remote authorization unlocking can be carried out, which is very convenient.

However, when your mobile device is disconnected from Bluetooth or is too far away from the lock box, it cannot implement the control function. When your mobile phone is out of power, the remote control function cannot be enabled.

 Location of lockbox placement

The smart lock box can be installed on the wall or door handle according to your wishes. The installation steps are very simple, and the installation time is no more than 5 minutes.

Installing it on the car can also facilitate your travel services. The lock box installed in the hotel can guarantee the rental property. Its installation will not damage your door or window.


A digital lockbox can provide extra security for your home. In particular, a Populife lock box is an affordable choice for high-quality smart homes. The Populife mobile application allows you to arrange access from anywhere and set different permission levels, which is suitable for a variety of scenarios.


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