How to provide the contactless experience using smart keybox

How to provide the contactless experience using smart keybox

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What is the smart keybox?

A smart keybox is an electronic safe that stores your contactless payment cards and personal essentials. It can be used as a outdoor safe for your physical essentials, giving you the convenience of handing over staff to your visitors.

To use the smart keybox during COVID-19, you will need to set up the device on your phone using the Populife app. You will then be able to keep track of visitor's behavior for the usage of keybox during the COVID-19 contactless feature through this app.

Smart keybox are more secure than traditional keybox because they have dynamic security code generated using proprietary algorithm and App. This enable the convenience of using the  

How to set up an smart keybox

The smart keybox can be placed on your property, near a front door or gate. It is important that it is within reach of the person who would need to open it (e.g., if you're using this for your home or vehicle, pick somewhere that's accessible to you).

Once you have decided where the smart keybox will be, follow these steps:

  • Install the application on your phone and follow all setup instructions from our app guide

  • Enable the smart keybox by following our installation guide: [here]

Locate the smart keybox on your property

  • Locate the smart keybox in a safe, easily accessible place. Ideally, it should be placed within the entryway of your property and not on the side of a building or inside an entranceway that is hidden from view.

  • Place the keybox in such a way that key exchange can be done in a contactless fashion (i.e., so that once you have unlocked your front door to enter your home, you can also use your mobile phone or smart card/token to unlock and open up access to this box).

  • Use common sense when choosing how close together you want these things to be—too close means they're too easy for someone else to steal both keys at once!

Share the unlock code with guests

To help your guests check in, you can share the lock code with them. But first, make sure that you're sharing the code at a time when they are ready to check in. You don’t need to wait for them to be on site before giving it to them—that way, they can start getting settled even before their trip begins. And if there are multiple guests coming together and one guest has already been given the keycode by Homeaway or another third-party booking service (like Airbnb), there is no need for all of those people to wait on site until everyone arrives before entering through your door!

You should also make sure that all members of your group have trustworthy smartphones with internet connections, just like you do!

Homeowners and house guests can practice social distancing and contactless key exchange.


Practicing contactless key exchange ensures that guests and homeowners can avoid the risk of face-to-face contact, which is essential in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The use of house keys has been shown to be an effective way to spread this virus. When you're exchanging your physical key with someone, it's important that no skin touch occurs between you and the other person. This means that if you've got cold or flu symptoms, you shouldn't try giving your key away in person; instead, ask a friend or neighbor to do it for you.

We recommend using a smart keybox from Populife because they are the early inventor of this product and launched a successful kickstarter campaign in 2019.

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