Lockbox user case for the logistics industry

Lockbox user case for the logistics industry

The smart lock box reduces a lot of trouble for the distribution personnel in the logistics industry, improves the efficiency of the logistics industry, and allows businesses to receive goods faster.

With the progress of science and technology, science and technology can make people's life more convenient and comfortable, enable the company to continuously optimize its business model, and improve the work efficiency of employees. Recently, many companies have chosen to invest in smart lock boxes for the logistics industry, which has received good benefits and approval.

How does a smart lock box optimize the logistics industry chain of the company, and how does it benefit employees, the company, and customers? Next, let me briefly introduce the operation process of the smart lock box for you.

First, install the smart lock box at the warehouse door of the sales store, and the drivers of the company's logistics industry can enter the warehouse by keyless way to replenish goods for the store.


Drivers do not need to carry the warehouse keys of multiple stores with them

The traditional transportation method is that the logistics driver loads the equipped goods in the morning and delivers them to the warehouse before the store is opened. The driver needs to carry a large set of keys with him and look for a suitable key at the door of the warehouse to unlock. There is a great risk that the key will be lost, and the driver will spend more time looking for the key, which will prolong the delivery time and reduce the delivery efficiency.

After being equipped with a smart lock box, the above problems you worry about will disappear. The driver can use the access code to unlock the lock box without taking the warehouse key with him. So, the driver doesn't have to worry about losing the key.


It is convenient for the company to deal with emergency business flexibly

If the driver who is responsible for the delivery cannot be on duty on that day, and the keys of the store warehouse are with the driver, then these stores that need to replenish goods will face the risk of out of stock.

Emerging technology allows emergencies to be handled flexibly. After the smart lock box is installed, even if the deliveryman of the day can't be on the spot in time, the company can also appoint other drivers or employees to deliver. They can accept the pin password through the app or unlock the lock box through the remote access unlocking function. Without a key, they can successfully equip goods to the store, and also ensure the listing of goods. It reduces a lot of troubles for the company and increases efficiency.

In the case of increasing orders on that day, the delivery driver can't complete the task on time. The company can appoint other drivers to help deliver the goods. The newly appointed driver can successfully deliver the goods by delivering the goods to the store and unlocking the key box with a password without finding the original delivery clerk to ask for the key.


The smart lock box has access logs

Compared with the traditional combination lock box, the smart lock box can record the time of each unlocking and transmit the unlocking time to the mobile phone of the store operator. In this way, the store operator can know whether the goods are delivered to the warehouse before business. If the unlocking information has not been received near business hours, the operator can ask the logistics personnel in advance and take countermeasures. This is beyond the traditional lock box.


More reasonable labor and capital distribution

There will be many disputes about the old-fashioned labor and capital distribution. For example, if there is only one store that needs replenishment that day, the logistics driver will only send goods to this store, but still, get the same number of wages. After the intelligent lock box is equipped, the company can track the order situation according to the unlocking information, so as to improve the labor allocation, revenge more wages to more logistics personnel, and stimulate the enthusiasm of logistics personnel.


The alarm function can prompt the store manager

When the smart lock box is not closed or forcibly opened, it will give an alarm sound and feedback the alarm information to the mobile phone of the lock box manager or store manager of the company, which means that the goods will be at risk of theft. The alarm function of the lock box can enable the manager to deal with the dangerous situation in time or prompt the delivery personnel to close the lock box again.

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