Smart lockbox is the enable for the real estate industry

Smart lockbox is the enable for the real estate industry

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Smart lock box plays an important role in protecting keys in families, which has won the favor and choice of many families. They believe that smart technology makes their lives safer and simpler.

Have you ever thought that smart lock boxes also bring great convenience to a real estate agent? In the three steps of real estate company sales, the emergence of electronic lockboxes can bring a lot of convenience to real estate companies and buyers. These three steps are real estate companies or intermediary companies to lead potential customers to watch the house, the decoration process, and real estate transactions. Let me briefly introduce to you how the smart lock box plays a role in real estate services.

Tenants or potential buyers will browse the relevant web pages to select the house suitable for them. When the right house is selected, they can contact the housing intermediary company. The traditional method of house viewing is to communicate the time with the customers and arrive at the place of the house to explain and watch.

This is not a good way for customers or housing agents. If one of the customers or listing agents suddenly has something urgent to deal with, they can only make another appointment. The key lock box can play its advantages at this time. Many real estate and intermediary companies have adopted the method of housing self-display. First, install the real estate lock box at the door of the house for sale. The potential customer only needs to contact the intermediary, and the intermediary will transmit the access codes of the smart lock box from the mobile device or the temporary access to the customer. The customer can go to the house at any time without communicating with the intermediary personnel about the time or going to the designated place to get the key or room card to unlock. For customers, it can meet the needs of house viewing in time, especially those who need to find a house urgently. The digital lock box enables them to find the most suitable house through the self-display of the house as soon as possible. For housing agents, this helps them save commuting time and round-trip travel expenses to see the house, and they can use this time to do other work. In general, with the electronic lock box, customers can see the house more efficiently, so as to speed up the purchase of houses and increase the sales volume of real estate companies.

After the installation of the key lockbox, it can also expand the sales position of real estate and intermediary companies. The function of self-display of the house makes them no longer constrained by the choice of location. Many customers like houses in the suburbs or in another state. Customers can visit the house they want by themselves only by communicating with the intermediary on the Internet to obtain the lock box password.

So how does the smart lock box bring benefits to decoration companies and families? After completing the steps of house viewing and buying, decoration is also a crucial step. If the house to be decorated is a rental house, or the owner wants to renovate the house, the safety of the key is crucial. The loss of the key means that there is a risk of theft at home. The smart lock box can ensure the safety of the key and provide an extra security guarantee for the key.

Generally speaking, the decoration team is divided into many teams, such as hydraulic workers, electricians, and wall painters. They will be arranged by the decoration company to enter the house at different times for decoration. At this time, if the key has been passed on by the decoration workers through handover, there is no doubt that it is very dangerous. Workers often have to work at heights. If the key is accidentally left, they have to re-equip the key. If a smart lock box is installed at the door, workers can unlock the lock box by accepting the password sent by the decoration company, taking out the key, and putting the key back into the lock box after opening the door, which greatly reduces the risk of key loss. If the decoration company does not want to disclose the lock box password to the decoration workers, it can also remotely unlock the lock box on the mobile app of the lock box manager through remote unlocking access.

The Populife smart lock box is a removable lock box. After a family finishes decoration, the decoration company can remove it and take it away, and continue to install it on the next house that needs decoration. Its installation process is very simple. The decoration company can choose to hang it directly on the door for easy removal. The Populife smart lock box has an attractive price and is an affordable lock box, which is a good smart choice for a car-sharing platform for investment.

Advantages of the smart lock box to vehicle sales platform and vehicle sharing platform:

  • Store keys without carrying.
  • Remote access to reduce the risk of password disclosure.
  • It is convenient for managers to control keys from access logs.
  • Portable lock box, removable shackle, steel shackle, easy to disassemble.
  • No need to hand over the key to speed up the efficiency of the decoration.
  • protective cover, can withstand scratches.
Low-quality lock box and cheap lock box can no longer meet people's high requirements for safety. If you are still using a combo lockbox, you should replace it with an intelligent lock box, because the era of intelligence has come.


In general, a smart lock box is not only a box for people to store keys. For real estate and housing intermediaries, a smart lock box is a good assistant for their sales; but also brings great convenience to decoration companies and decoration families, thus promoting the economic growth of real estate and decoration companies.

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