The logistics industry benefits from the use of padlocks

The logistics industry benefits from the use of padlocks

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The logistics industry can hardly be absent from any commercial company. Companies that mainly sell goods often need the logistics industry to help transport goods. However, the logistics industry has three main ways: aviation, land transportation, and sea transportation. A smart padlock can become an intelligent helper for logistics service providers and logistics companies.

The Populife padlock adds an extra layer of security to every asset and item you manage, adds value to all stakeholders in the supply chain, and ensures everyone's asset security.


Freight transport

Freight transportation is common in life. Both express delivery and logistics industry chains cannot be separated from freight transportation. The goods inside the truck need to be delivered to customers or warehouses intact, which requires the installation of a padlock with high safety performance for the freight truck. Compared with the traditional padlock that requires a key to unlock, this Populife smart padlock can use the fingerprint unlocking or remote access unlocking function, reducing the possibility of delayed delivery caused by key loss.

In addition, there are countless cases of delayed delivery of goods due to truck failure. In order to solve this problem, the truck company will first equip some important parts or hard-to-find parts in the box and use an intelligent padlock to lock it on the truck in case of need.

Agricultural products and flowers have very high requirements for transportation time. Once the transportation is delayed, the products may deteriorate and become inedible. When the freight truck breaks down on the way of delivery, you can contact the maintenance workers at the nearest maintenance station to directly help you repair the truck whenever and wherever. Members of the maintenance team can install a Populife program on the mobile phone to unlock it, which avoids the dilemma of each maintenance worker carrying a lot of keys.


Cargo safety

Protecting your goods from theft is a bigger challenge and problem than you think. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, theft methods are also increasingly updated. Some thieves can provide false documents and identity certificates to the warehouse keeper, so as to successfully steal a truck of goods, which not only makes the supplier lose a large amount of actual cargo; but also delays the progress of the receiver.

The Populife smart padlock can provide you with an additional security guarantee. With this padlock, there is no need to arrange warehouse managers. The padlock can be unlocked through fingerprint verification or a mobile application, without the need for special managers to unlock it with keys.

More seriously, if the stored goods are drugs that have not been processed and are misappropriated; or some unqualified materials are replaced in the warehouse, customers are likely to cause health and safety problems because of the use of these goods.

Padlocks can be used for gates, rolling shutter doors, entry points, cargo holds, and other places. You don't have to worry that the padlock hanging outdoors will be eroded by wind and rain. The Populife padlock has a waterproof function. The body is made of zinc alloy, which is not easy to be damaged and scratched; and can provide strong protection.



The Panama Canal serves more than 145 maritime trade routes in the world. Most of the transportation of the canal comes from the all-water route, and its water transportation is particularly developed. The padlock used in shipping must have a waterproof function. Under the long-term erosion of seawater and salty air, the internal parts and keyholes of the traditional old padlock are easy to rust, which leads to the problem that the lock is difficult to be unlocked. In addition, the sediment in the river and sea is also easy to deposit into the lock, which makes it impossible to unlock.

Goods are also easy to lose in the process of handling in the port. The smart padlock can help you record the time and place of unlocking smoothly, help you locate the time and place of missing goods smoothly, track your goods in real-time, and ensure their safety.


Airport facilities

At the airport, the goods are first loaded into containers; and then sent to the conveyor belt into the aircraft cabin. The safety performance of the container directly affects the safety of the goods. At this time, if there is a padlock to ensure the safety of the container, the goods can be well preserved.



The popular smart padlock can not only support fingerprint access; but also provide remote access. It can be successfully unlocked through a mobile app, freeing your hands, so that logistics managers do not need to carry a large set of keys with them; and look for a logistics provider in front of each different warehouse.

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