What smart security essentials every short-term rental should have

What smart security essentials every short-term rental should have

Security brought by smart lock and lock box 

The security of an intelligent lock is much higher than that of an ordinary door lock. The smart lock does not need to use the keyhole, but only requires the owner of the house to share the password remotely or the guest to enter the password himself. The lock of the ordinary old-fashioned key is easy to be stolen by thieves, and the smart lock greatly reduces this risk. Traditional keys can no longer meet the needs of smart apartments. Unlike traditional physical locks, smart locks are not only more secure but their loss rate and replication rate are greatly reduced.

For some short-term house rental platforms, such as Airbnb, the smart element of security is the first choice. For the customers who check in, the smart lock will make them more convenient and safer to check in. Those landlords who use smart locks can easily transfer passwords to customers' mobile phones through their mobile phones, which allows customers to feel the experience of smart apartments before entering the door. Landlords can check whether customers check- in or out safely from mobile software devices. If the customer goes out, the landlord can ask the cleaning aunt to clean after confirmation through the software, which saves the time for the landlord to confirm in person. 

Some customers always forget and lose the house keys, which makes the landlords distressed. A smart key box can solve this problem. Landlords can put the key into the smart key boxes and set the password. The landlord can share access remotely with others using the app, so the guests could open the door when landlords are not around. 

Video doorbells

Having a smart doorbell is an important factor in smart apartments. For the guests who check-in, they can clearly see everything outside the door from the smart doorbell video, such as the takeout delivery, and the guests in the room can hear and see everything that happens outside the door, which improves the security. In the case of an epidemic, people in the house can talk to people outside through the smart doorbell and can ask the takeout to put the takeout at the door, which reduces the spread of bacteria to a certain extent.

In addition, if there are strangers outside, guests can also refuse to open the door through the smart doorbell video. The smart doorbell can also help people in the house to judge whether someone is wandering outside the door and improve security alerts.

In the case of night, the smart doorbell also has the function of night vision, which can provide a clear picture to the guests in the room without light. 

The Night is also the peak of theft. With the smart doorbell, we can know some potential dangers in advance, take protective measures and send a distress signal. 

Outdoor monitoring

Monitoring is an important intelligent device to protect the safety of guests. First of all, the monitoring camera can monitor the area within 24 hours, which plays the role of fire prevention, theft prevention, and real-time monitoring, and can greatly reduce the labor cost. Secondly, monitoring can save the video, view, and playback the video at any time, stop the occurrence of illegal acts in time, and can be used as effective evidence of a thief's crime

The shooting function of monitoring is gradually improved, its shooting range is wider, the shooting angle is more, and it also has good technology in the function of night vision. For short-term rental platforms, outdoor monitoring is a good smart option. Having a good monitoring system will bring customers a safer smart apartment experience. 

Smart smoke alarm 

At present, a single smoke alarm can no longer meet the needs of people's smart life. The current smoke detector can be extended to electrical fire detection, which plays a certain alarm role in daily fire prevention and is helpful to reduce property losses

In the hotel, in case of fire, serious casualties will be caused due to improper handling of guests or slow alarm. The installation of an intelligent smoke alarm can quickly alarm the dense smoke before the fire, so as to leave sufficient escape time for guests.

The smoke alarm does not need to install wires, which is simple, convenient, and easy to install. The sensing smoke fire detector can transmit the real-time detected data to the mobile phone. Once the data is abnormal, it will send a voice alarm through the mobile phone. What's more magical is that some detectors have added the intelligent linkage function. Once the initial disaster occurs, they can prevent the spread of the fire by opening the water valve, opening the window, and other intelligent actions. The installation of an intelligent smoke alarm makes smart tech apartments.



Motion and sound detector

For the short-term rental, the moving sound detector can be installed on the door or window. Many thieves now break into the house by climbing over the wall or window, and this detector can sensitively detect any small sound and accurately distinguish whether it is burglary or object collision, this kind of detector gives guests an extra security guarantee. When people leave the apartment and someone steals, the detector will give an alarm and send information on the mobile phones of the landlord and guests, which is the smart apartment.

When the noise is too loud, the detector will also prompt the landlord, which indicates that the noise will affect the guests' rest and reduce the guests' sense of experience. At this time, the landlord can contact the guests in the nearby room to reduce decibels and provide customers with an intelligent and comfortable environment.


The five intelligent security devices mentioned above are popular smart products for short-term rental owners. Using them undoubtedly greatly improves the scientific and technological intelligence level of the rental house and provides security for guests so that guests can enjoy a comfortable and safe night while enjoying the smart apartment.


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