What you should consider when getting a digital door lock

What you should consider when getting a digital door lock

With the development of science and technology, smart appliances have been favored by many customers. They believe that when smart appliances enter the house, life becomes more convenient and comfortable. For example, the floor-sweeping robot can reduce the burden of the owner's housework. The smart video doorbell can let the owner of the house know who the visitor is through the high-definition dynamic graph. The smart lock is the first step for people to enjoy the intelligent experience when opening the door. The smart lock is a popular type of smart furniture. Its function of sharing keys has won the appreciation of many customers. Before you buy smart locks, please choose and buy them according to your needs. In order to provide you with some effective information, the following information may help you.

Smart lock function

Different types of smart locks have different functions. If you just need to install the smart lock in your house, the function of unlocking with the password can meet the needs of consumers. The security of general password locks is much higher than that of ordinary keys, and they can also prevent thieves from entering or strangers from visiting.

The high-tech intelligent lock also has the iris and the unlocking method of acoustic recognition.

You can also set the password according to your needs. The longer the password, the higher the security.

Families with old people and children can choose the door lock command function with remote password transmission, or the owner can directly unlock the child with a shared key on the mobile phone without giving up the original work plan to go home.

In addition, the owner can also set the unlocking time, and the door will unlock automatically when the child comes home from school.

Location of smart lock installation

Different places need unlocking commands with different functions. Please choose the smart lock suitable for you according to your needs and living place.

Advanced smart locks can be used in safes, medical rooms, gun rooms, and other rooms with dangerous goods or important property. Advanced smart locks generally support a variety of unlocking command functions, and some can also use biometrics,such as iris, and acoustic recognition to unlock.

For the doors of ordinary residential houses and hotels, smart locks have also become the first choice for residential owners and rental platforms. People of all ages live in residential houses, so the smart lock installed in the house should be simple and easy to operate, otherwise, it is a problem for the elderly who are used to traditional keys. This kind of smart lock does not need too many functions, but only needs simple unlocking methods. Generally speaking, entering passwords or using frequency cards, and magnetic cards are the most common unlocking functions.

The life of the smart lock you need

If your smart lock will be installed in a place where people go in and out frequently like the office, I suggest you choose a smart lock with long battery life and high stability. Although the price will be more expensive, it can make the smart lock play its role more stable and lasting.

For those consumers who need to change the smart lock password frequently, they also need to consider the battery life. Changing the password frequently will also make the smart lock age faster, thus affecting the reaction speed of the smart lock.

The battery life of smart locks used in school dormitories or residential houses is relatively low, and their unlocking frequency is low. Young people who need to go to work or students who need to go to school are likely to use smart locks only once a day.

When the battery of smart locks is exhausted, don’t worry about it. When there are some problems in the smart lock that you can't solve, you can find customer service or call the maintenance phone, and professional maintenance workers can help you solve the problem.

Is the smart lock you choose suitable for your door?

If your door is not flat enough or your door is made of glass, please be sure to consult the customer service personnel to avoid problems during installation and make you spend more money on refitting your door.

Generally, residents’ houses are installed with wooden doors or composite doors, which are solid enough to install smart locks. The thickness of the door should be taken into account because the smart lock shall be embedded in the door with sufficient thickness.


Smart locks with different functions have different prices. The price of a smart lock embedded with biometrics will certainly be several times higher than that of an ordinary home smart lock because its technology cost and raw material cost will also be higher. In the intelligent lock of ordinary residences, security cannot be neglected because of price. Security is the first standard for choosing a smart lock.

Additional functions of the smart lock

Do you need your smart lock to keep the unlocking hole of the traditional key in case you forget the password or the smart lock fails? The smart lock with a keyhole can also allow the elderly who do not adapt to technological changes to continue to use the key to open the door.

Do you need a smart lock with remote control function? When you are in the office or on a business trip, you can also use the shared key on your mobile phone to open the door for your family and friends. The premise is to confirm that the visitor is your friend or family.

 Does your smart lock need the function of automatic door locking? The smart lock with this function will automatically lock when you leave home or go home. You don't have to panic when you suddenly think of leaving the door unlocked in the middle of the night. You don't have to worry about leaving the door unlocked on your way to work. There is no doubt that this is the smart experience brought by the smart lock, which makes us feel convenient in our busy lives.


Smart lock solves many problems in people's life. The most obvious thing is that it can make people don't need to look for keys everywhere and further ensure the safety of the house. But before choosing a smart lock, you need to think carefully and find the smart lock that suits you, which will bring you an extraordinary smart life experience.

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