Why a home renovation company needs a smart lockbox for their business

Why a home renovation company needs a smart lockbox for their business

The lock box can bring a safer and more convenient decoration experience to decoration companies and families.
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Recently, the new intelligent technology is favored by decoration companies, which is the intelligent lock box. As the contractor of customer decoration, the decoration company has undertaken many responsibilities, including workers who connect water and electricity, workers who paint walls, designers, supervisors, and many other decoration workers.

In the past, the householder may still have a headache for countless decorated phones in the morning or worry about the problem of key handover. With the smart lock box, these problems will be solved. During the decoration period of time, the lock box can play an important role.


The visitor record of the smart lock box is convenient for the decoration company to manage and supervise the workers

The working efficiency of decoration workers plays an important role in the decoration company. If the efficiency of decoration workers is recognized by customers, the customer satisfaction of the decoration company will be improved, so that more families or places that need decoration will find the decoration company, so as to increase orders and improve profits. Generally speaking, decorators will decorate in batches, that is to say, they will charge for hours of service.

How does the smart lock box manage and monitor the decoration workers? First of all, the smart lock box has a visitor log, which can clearly record the unlocking time, and reflect the unlocking time to the mobile device connected to the lock box, so that the decoration company can know whether the decoration workers arrive at the decoration site on time. If workers have relevant clock-in equipment, they can calculate the working hours of workers more accurately, so as to play the role of supervision.


Remote access function

There are many ways to access the smart lock box. The decoration company can send the pin password to the decoration workers. The decoration workers can unlock the lock box and take out the key by touching the lock box board, activating the smart lock box, and entering the correct access code on the keyboard.

The shared access mode makes people's life more convenient, and there is no need for decoration workers to get keys at the designated place, which shortens the construction period and improves the decoration efficiency.

Remote access means that decoration companies can directly unlock the mobile phone app for workers, thus avoiding the risk of password disclosure. If the decorated house is occupied rather than a new house, remote unlocking can ensure the property safety and house safety of the owner of the house.


Smart lock box protects the safety of decorated families

If the decoration family still lives with family members or stores valuables, the entry and exit of decoration workers will bring security problems to the decoration family.

For example, the door of your home will be constantly opened by decoration. At this time, the key or magnetic card is easy to be lost or left when the decoration workers hand over, which will bring trouble to the owner of the house. What's more, maybe the owner of the house will complain about this problem to the decoration company.

Therefore, installing an intelligent lock box can reduce a lot of trouble for decoration families and decoration companies.

For decoration customers, they are also more willing to store the keys in the smart lock box, rather than give them to some decoration workers they don't know and exchange them among them. Once the keys are lost, they will face the risk of theft.

If your home is being decorated, buying a smart lock box can help you place the key to bank deposit products or the key to safety. The smart lock box can protect both your home key and property security.


Portable lock box

The Populife lock box is removable. You can hang it on the door or install it on the wall, which will not damage your door, and its installation process is very simple.

The decoration company can recycle the lock box after purchasing it. After the decoration of the current family, the lock box can be taken to the next family to continue to use. It only needs to change the password without spending a lot of money to buy it again.



With the continuous development of intelligent technology, traditional old-fashioned decoration problems may face the risk of being eliminated by the market if they are not solved in time. Compared with decoration companies that still need to exchange keys, customers will not hesitate to choose those decoration companies with smart lock boxes, which are more efficient and safer.

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