Why Property Managers Should Start Using Smart Keybox?

Why Property Managers Should Start Using Smart Keybox?

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Do you still use a traditional lockbox or go to the office to get the keys? Can't count how much time and customers we've wasted running around. Now there is an even simpler and faster solution to manage your guests and property using a mobile App and smart gadget.

Benefits of using a Smart Lockbox

Customize exclusive passcode for Customers

Traditional lockboxes only have one password at a time, so you have to change your password every time to prevent the customers who have visited to access your property without permission. Sometimes you even forgetting the real password. With Smart Keybox, you can set a passcode for each guest in effect at a different period of time, so that customers can see the room themselves. Instead of having to record different passcodes in your notebook, you can easily see them all within the App. In case of COVID-19 we should reduce close contacts but we can expand our business more safely.


Remote control and management

The traditional lockbox quietly distributed in every corner away from you, managing the password of the lock box can only be changed by someone standing in front of it. With Smart Key Box, you can

remotely generate passcodes for different period of time even if the Smart Keybox is offline, and the passcodes automatically effective and expire on time. You would get more time to spend on finding new clients.

( Connect Smart Gateway to view the real-time access record remotely )

Traceable unlocking record

As a manager, you may be concerned about which realtors have the most active visits and the overall conversion rate of the business. Smart Keybox can provide you with more comprehensive and objective data. The Smart Keybox automatically stores all the unlocking records, so you only need to synchronize the information by one button on the App.

Less time wasted on the road

The client points to a photo of a property and said " It looks nice!" but the key is not on you. The office too far away and the client suggests to make an appointment next time, and there is no then. A chance of a deal was thus lost. With the Smart Keybox, you simply need to walk directly to the different properties, you can gracefully open the door for customers, and provide more timely viewing service at any time

One Keybox for sustainable use

When the house is sold, you can directly migrate the smart lockbox to the new property. Using smart lockbox with better zinc-alloy body, will save businesses money in the long run and be more environmentally friendly.

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