Why smart locks are a good investment for your home

Why smart locks are a good investment for your home

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Home is everyone's harbor. When we work hard all day, home is our last warmth and hope. Smart furniture and appliances can let you experience high-tech smart life. The smart lock is the first step toward a smart and safe life. It is an important intellectual tool to protect the safety of family members and property. A smart lock is undoubtedly a quite good investment for the modern high-speed development of intelligent technology life.

Brief introduction of smart lock

Smart locks can let residents experience keyless life. First, install the smart lock on the door of your home, and then set the unlocking password on the mobile phone to enjoy remote unlocking, or directly enter the password on the smart lock, and you can directly unlock the home without carrying a key or room card.



Benefits of investing in smart locks

The security of an intelligent lock is far more than that of an ordinary door lock. Compared with traditional keys, the smart lock is not lost or imitated, thus greatly reducing the possibility of theft. Families with smart locks can go out without carrying keys, so they don't have to consider the risk of forgetting or losing keys. The probability of a home with a smart lock being robbed by thieves is also greatly reduced. The smart lock is a high-tech intelligent digital device, which is difficult for thieves to crack. If a thief forcibly breaks in, the door lock will transmit an alarm and danger information to the owner's mobile phone, reminding the owner that there is a risk of burglary in the home. In addition, smart locks detect that the owner has the function of automatic locking after entering or leaving the door, which reflects the high-security performance of smart locks

The smart lock can also record the time of opening and closing the door, and transmit the data to the director's mobile phone, which shows that the owner can use this to ensure the safety of family property and family members. For families with children and the elderly, Parents can check their access time information through mobile phones to judge whether children and the elderly are safe. Smart locks are a pretty good smart choice to ensure their safety.

The function of remote control brings great convenience to residents

If you are working outside at this time, and a guest comes to visit, the smart lock plays a role in this time. You can send the password to the guest remotely, or directly operate the smart lock on your mobile phone. Using the electronic key can let the guest waiting at the door of your home directly enter the door. If your child finds that he has forgotten something soon after going out, you don't have to change the schedule to open the door for him when he comes home. The remote-controlled function of the smart lock saves you a lot of time. The shared key improved people life quality.

If you install a smart lock, when your hands can't free up because your hands are full of goods on sale, you don't need to worry about finding the key in your pocket or bag; When you just go out to throw garbage, you don't have to worry that the door will be closed by the wind; Or when you carry a heavy express, you don't have to worry that no one at home will open the door for you. The smart lock can set the unlocking time on the mobile application. The smart lock will make your life easier


Applicable to every door

Traditional keys and locks need to be customized in the store, while smart locks can be installed on any door, which can be the gate of your yard or the back door. The back door is inadvertent access for many residents. People often focus on the front door but forget that thieves will enter the house through the back door. In addition, the smart lock can also be installed at the door of a room with a safety box.

You can also create a secret space that belongs to you. After using the smart lock, only you know the password, and no one will interfere with you. This house with a smart lock belongs to you completely. You can enjoy peace and tranquility at the moment. All this is due to the smart lock. At this time, you will enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by the smart life.

Increase the income of landlords

For those landlords who rent out their houses, houses with smart locks will be more popular with customers. For short-term rental platforms, such as Airbnb, rooms with smart locks will always be more popular with customers than rooms locked with ordinary traditional old keys. The guest believed that the door with a smart lock will more secure than the other, and the smart device will let customers experience smart apartment life. Houses with smart locks in the community are always easier to rent out. Tenants often report that security issues cannot be completely dependent on security personnel or property management. Residents choose smart lock houses, which means they choose multiple security guarantees. Customers are also willing to pay for safety.

Protect your house in a special way

Smart locks have a variety of appearance forms. Some smart locks are no different from ordinary door locks in appearance. The designer's purpose is not to attract others' attention. They embed the smart design inside the smart lock. The seemingly ordinary door lock is actually transmitting various codes and information to the owner's mobile phone.

You can also choose the shape and color of smart locks according to your preferences. Smart locks not only make people's lives more intelligent, but also decorate people's lives with fashion elements


The smart lock is installed wirelessly, and the installation is very simple. You only need to follow the instructions and download the relevant software on your mobile phone to install smart appliances for your home. You can even download the software on your watch, and the smart lock can also transmit smart access through the watch, that is, people can open the door without a key or a mobile phone, and can also control the transmission of the password through the app.



After purchasing the smart lock, its installation is free. You can even install it yourself. And when the smart lock breaks down, you can quickly contact the maintenance workers. The repairs within the warranty period are free. The smart lock is an anti-rust lock, which is not so easy to be damaged.


Smart locks can change your life. With the progress of technology, consumers have multiple choices. Whether smart locks are worth investing in depends on your main needs, but at present, the advantages of smart locks can help us solve many life problems and difficulties and make our life more intelligent and convenient.


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