why the waterproof is the most essential feature for padlock

why the waterproof is the most essential feature for padlock

Padlock is a common locking tool in American families, so why do people think its waterproof function is the most important? Let's have a look!

Smart fingerprint Padlock has many intelligent features, which make people's life more convenient and intelligent. Among many features, the waterproof function has become the most concerned function of consumer customers.

Customers who bought those non-waterproof padlocks reported that it was not easy to open the padlock after a snowstorm in winter, because the parts inside had been corroded by the snow.

Winter in the United States is hard, especially in the north. The temperature drops suddenly, and there are often hurricanes, rainstorms, and other bad weather. Rainfall and snowfall are normal. Everything we leave outdoors must cope with these adverse weather conditions, including the padlocks we use to protect ancillary buildings, sheds, gates, and valuables because padlocks not only protect the safety of objects; but also ensure people's personal safety to a certain extent.


What is a waterproof padlock

The waterproof padlock is completely made of non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel. This includes all internal parts. In non-weatherproof padlocks, these internal parts are likely to corrode and get stuck, which leads to the phenomenon that the owner cannot unlock, which will bring many troubles to the padlock owner. It will not only cost a sum of money to go to the locksmith; but also need to buy a new padlock. The Populife fingerprint lock has IP64 waterproof function and can operate in the temperature range of -20 ℃ to 60 ℃.


Application of waterproof padlock in the marine padlock

The ship padlock is required to work in the saltwater environment such as wharves and ports, and it has high requirements for waterproofing and sediment prevention. Even after years of exposure to adverse weather conditions, the waterproof padlock has a high level of safety and durability.

Ordinary padlocks are generally soaked in seawater for several days and will be blocked by saltwater deposits. The surface of the padlock is corroded and it is difficult to unlock.

In addition, marine padlocks are usually used in dirty and sandy environments, making them vulnerable to the invasion of solid particles and gravel. Exposure to sand, gravel, and dirt is bad for any padlock. They will deposit into the interior of the padlock; and may make it difficult to open the glued lock or even unable to unlock it, which will cause the goods inside the cabin to be unable to be taken out, causing annoyance to the logistics industry chain and businesses. As noted by the weatherproof padlock, the marine padlock mechanism and shackle are made of non-corrosive metal.


Household smart padlock

The padlock is very common in American families, which is a great protection plan.  A smart padlock is a portable product, which can be hung anywhere to lock the owner's desired items or doors. It has excellent tamper resistance and rust resistance to protect your home and your property from thieves. It is often used in cabinets, warehouses, or doors. A waterproof function is necessary. For padlocks used in warehouses or gates, it is inevitable to suffer extreme weather such as rainstorm or snow. Once the padlock is eroded by rain, unlocking will become a problem, and add some additional cost.

There are a variety of sundries stacked in the warehouse. If the homeowner has tools that he needs to use in the warehouse, then the padlock plays a major role. If the padlock fails, the owner will face difficult problems.

The intelligent padlock of the gate is very important. It is the only way for people to enter and leave the house. The padlock plays a role in protecting family goods and property, and it is also an important tool to protect the safety of family members. The door padlock will inevitably suffer from wind and rain. Once the padlock rusts, it is very easy to be damaged, giving thieves the opportunity to enter the house and steal. Therefore, installing a waterproof padlock is a good smart choice for homeowners.

Gym lockers also use smart padlocks, because traditional padlocks are always wet by people and lead to rust. For example, sweat, water on hands, or wet clothes are the main reasons for padlocks to rust.



Fingerprint lock also has many functions. It can help the owner record the unlocking person, unlocking time and unlocking position in real-time, and check the use time and position. Its stainless-steel shackle is also waterproof and has good durability. This product has Bluetooth mode, which can be unlocked remotely on the mobile app, allowing the owner to experience the keyless unlocking method. The Populife padlock has a high cost-effective purchase price and is a good smart choice.

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