why you need a smart lock for pet sitting

why you need a smart lock for pet sitting

Pets have become important members of the family. Have you ever known that smart locks can also protect pets?

In 2020, the global smart lock market sales reached $3867.48 million, and it is expected to reach $9435.09 million in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.74% (2021-2027).

An important reason for the increasing sales of smart locks is that smart locks not only facilitate people's lives; but also play an important role in pet care.

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, some people were quarantined or trapped in other cities and could not return. Many pets were stranded at home and died because they were not fed.

However, a smart lock can solve the problem of pet sitting, which is a perfect solution and a good pet sitter.


The smart lock can unlock through the remote control access function

A smart lock can not only ensure the front point security to the members and protect the property in the home, but also a smart home device that can protect the lives of small pets at critical moments.

Many young people who go to work, can only put their pets' food and water in pet bowls to ensure their pets eat all day. When an emergency occurs, small pets who are alone at home may be in danger.

When pets have sudden diseases, pet owners who are away on business can only worry. When pet parents install a smart lock, the situation may not be so bad. You can ask your friends or neighbors to come to the door and take their pets to the doctor. There's no need to waste extra time looking for the key. The App-controlled door can be unlocked through the pet owner's mobile phone remote unlocking function.

You can also pass the PIN code to your neighbor to let him enter your home and feed your pet. When you encounter extreme weather problems and cannot go home in time, such as typhoons and rainstorms.


Reduce the probability of a pet missing

Do you often see dog search tips posted on the roadside, or sometimes you see dogs running aimlessly in the garden, or even dogs appear alone in the elevator? These stray dogs probably open the door when their owners are not at home.

The smart lock has the function of magnetic closure, so the owner doesn't have to worry about losing the dog if the door is not closed properly.

The traditional door handle will loosen due to the long use time. Some smart pets can stand up and open the door. a smart lock can avoid these problems.

The glass door option and the pet door size of the pet door are very important. Pet doors must be higher than the ‘Step-Over’ heights.  A pet door with a wide height adjustment range or custom heights may be a better choice. As pets grow in size, the height of the door should also change, so it needs accurate measurements. If the measurement results are wrong, it increases the risk of pet loss.

The installation of cat doors or doggy doors may make you tired, so a smart lock is a flexible solution.


The installation of a smart lock makes pet owners go out at ease

Pets are not allowed to be carried when their owners go out to the supermarket for shopping, travel, on a business trip, or take public transportation. Families with smart locks may no longer have to worry about pet feeding. They can set the unlocking time on their mobile phones to feed and care for their friends. At the same time, it also saves a lot of expenses for sending to pet hospitals for care.

An Aluminum door is the basic option of the exterior door of many families now. The smart lock can be easily installed on the flat place of the door, and the installation steps are also very simple.



Smart locks can not only ensure the safety of property for people, but also the safety of pets. In addition to this smart device, buying a screen door track is also a good choice for families with pets. It can reflect the situation of pets on your mobile phone. If your pet has an emergency, it can be easily solved with the use of a smart lock.

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