Unlock Convenience with App-Controlled Smart Lock Boxes


Forget the days of searching for lost keys. Populife introduces a cutting-edge solution to traditional entry problems with its app-controlled smart lock boxes. These devices not only eliminate the hassle of carrying keys but also offer a new level of convenience and security for your home or business.


Seamless Entry and Guest Access

Utilizing Bluetooth technology, Populife's smart lock boxes ensure easy access through a direct connection to your smartphone. With just a few taps in the Populife app, you can unlock your door, bypassing the need for physical keys. Moreover, the feature of generating temporary passwords remotely transforms how you manage guest access, providing a secure way to allow entry to service providers or visitors when you're not home.

Durability and Advanced Management

Crafted from robust zinc alloy, Populife's lock boxes are built to endure, ensuring your security solution is as lasting as it is smart. The extended battery life of up to a year minimizes maintenance, allowing for uninterrupted access control. Through the Populife app, managing access becomes a breeze. You can track who comes and goes, update passcodes in real-time, and ensure your property remains secure, all from the convenience of your smartphone.


Unmatched Security and Flexibility

Populife's smart lock boxes are designed with your security in mind, adhering to the highest standards to protect your belongings. The flexibility of creating both simple and complex passcodes caters to various security needs, offering peace of mind that your space is safeguarded against unauthorized access.



Populife is reshaping the future of access control with its app-controlled smart lock boxes. By integrating advanced technology with user-friendly features, Populife offers a secure, convenient, and innovative solution to key management. Step into the future of security and convenience with Populife, and make the struggle with lost keys a distant memory.