Smart Keybox FAQ

1. Make sure the data permission for Populife is allowed and enabled:

• For iPhone: Settings >> Cellular Data >> Populife >> Turn it on.

• For Android: Settings >> Apps >> Populife >> Data usage >> Enable "Mobile data" and "WLAN".

2. Check if VPN is enabled: if VPN is enabled, please turn it off and try again.

1. Restart Populife App.

2. Restart phone Bluetooth.

3. Try again.

Note: If you are using an Android phone, make sure you've enabled the location permission through Settings >> Apps >> Populife >> Permissions >> Location >> Allow

1. For a new device:Open the "Device" in "Populife" App, Click the "+" icon and follow the guide.

2. For the device that has already been added.

Ask current owner to delete the lock in App first, and then you can add it the same way as adding a new device.

Note: If you cannot add the lock normally, the reasons may be as follows:

1. The device is not nearby or ACTIVATED: Please keep the device within 1 meter of your phone and make sure the phone Bluetooth and network are enabled.

2. The device has already been added by others: In this case, the APP can search and find the device, But the device name is gray and no "+" sign appears. Please ask the original owner deletes the device in App or open the device and reset it.

After adding a device in "Populife" App, you will have the digital key to the device .You can also share a digital key to others by following the steps:

1. Select the device from the "Device" page of the App, select "Digital Key".

2. In "Digital Key" page, click "+" icon to create a key.

3. Configure and set the digital key, then you can share it after it is generated.

You can have your own custom password by either of the following ways. Before setting, open the "Populife" App on the phone and keep it within 1 meter of the device.

1. Modify Admin code: Select the device >> Click "Settings" >> Select "Admin code" >> Enter your own password and save.

2. Create a custom code: Select the device >> Click "PIN Code" >> Click "+" icon >> Select "Custom code" >> Set the valid time, then save.Note: The password must be 6-9 digits.

After you close the cover of the Keybox, the Keybox will lock automatically in 2-3 seconds.

Here are the main ways to unlock:

1. Unlocking with the digital keys in the App

It refers to unlocking with the digital keys through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. It can be set to the specific validity period, frozen or deleted.

2. Unlocking by keypad password

It refers to unlocking with the access code through the numeric keypad of the device. The password contains these types: permanent, time-limited, one-time and custom.

• Permanent codes are random numbers generated by the system and can be used permanently;

• Time-limited codes are random numbers generated by the system and it can set a valid period;

• One-time codes are random numbers generated by the system and it will expire once it is used;

• Custom codes is 6-9 digits password set by you and it can set a valid period.

This is the security mechanism of the device. When the wrong password is entered 5 times in a row, the lock keypad will be frozen for 5 minutes.

During the 5 minutes, the keypad can be activated immediately again by unlocking successfully via digital keys in App.

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