About Us

Populife is working to build an integrated solution of smart devices, software systems, and customized services for individuals and businesses. This includes smart lockboxes, smart deadbolts, and more. We strive to make what you already own smarter, and more efficient. We provide a seamless access experience to Airbnb hosts, realtors, car-sharing companies, retailer stores, and everyone who owns and manages shared assets. We bring automation, security, and efficiency to make your asset management and authorization seamless.

Our Mission

“Make Every Entry Smart”

Our Story

As a former Airbnb host, I struggled to deliver the perfect check-in experiences for my guests since my Airbnb properties were far from where I used to live. I did waste tons of time driving to the property and waiting for guests. Occasionally if the guest booked the property last minute and I was not available to deliver the key immediately, I had to cancel the booking. So I wondered if there was a smart device that would allow me to manage access remotely, maybe a digital lock but without door modification. After looking for a product that fits my need, I couldn't find any, so I decided to invent the device myself with a few friends' help. We raised in total $16 million in venture capital from investors in the US, Singapore, and China. In 2019, I started Populife, hoping to make every large and small space smarter and manageable.

———Founder of Populife

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