Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock
Smart Padlock

Smart Padlock

Sale price$49.00 USD


Portable and easy to unlock fingerprint smart lock is perfect for metal gates, cabinets, and bikes.


Populife Padlock

This portable fingerprint smart padlock can work without any App. It opens instantly with your touch and supports up to 40 fingerprints. You will never worry about losing keys again.

Durable Design

The padlock is made with 100% Zinc alloy. This high-resistant metal will protect your backpack, suitcase, and cabinet against thieves. The waterproof feature also makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Share Lock with Others

You can set up to 40 fingerprints. You can also share digital keys on the "Populife" app with your family, tenants, or colleagues.


You could manage users, fingerprints, and digital keys on the App. The lock will save lock/unlock records, and you could monitor the lock access closely on the App.

Rechargeable Battery via USB Port

One-piece 100mAh lithium polymer battery is integrated into the lock, it has low power consumption and long standby time, once fully charged, the battery can last for 6 months. Lock/unlock up to 2500-3000 times.

* USB cable is included in the package

Tech Specs

Color Black
Dimensions 80(H) x 42(W) x 20(D) mm
Material Zinc Alloy
Weight 0.19 Pounds
Durability 2500-3000 Times of Unlock
Fingerprint Capacity 40 pcs
Charge Mode Micro USB (included)
Time for Charging 30mins
Working Voltage ≤150μA
Charging Current ≤100mA
Working Temperature -20°C~60°C (-4°F~140°F)
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty

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