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Populife Smart Keybox Pro-offline version

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Affordable, secure, and durable smart key safe to hand over house keys or car keys. Manage and share access, and keep track of unlocking activity with Populife App.


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Populife Keybox Pro

Always forget or lose your keys? Need to grant family or guest entry, but you're not at home? Populife Smart Keybox is your affordable smart entry solution!

You can share access remotely with others using the "Populife" app, so they could open the door when you are not around. Unlike other smart locks or lockboxes, Populife Keybox works also without a Wifi Gateway or if your guest doesn't fancy downloading a new app.

Easy to share

Two Ways To Grand Access

Way 1: Generate PIN codes on the "Populife" App, and share them remotely with your guests through text messages.

Way 2: Share the digital key and let your guests unlock the Smart Keybox in Populife App via Bluetooth.

* You can check all access history via Bluetooth in Populife App

Smart Keybox


Multiple Permission Levels

Populife Mobile app allows you to schedule access and set different permission levels from anywhere:

1. Permanent Access - Perfect for family members who don't want to carry physical keys anymore.

2. Time-limited Access - Perfect for your Airbnb or Office, you could schedule short-term or repeating access time. Access will deactivate when the access period is over.

3. One-time Access - Perfect for temporary or urgent access. Access will be burned after use.

Strong and Durable Body

Zinc alloy body, strong and durable. Withstand fall within 1 meter.

Could be used for outdoor, operation temperature ranges from -25°C~55°C (-13°F~131°F).

Min.10,000 times lock & unlock or lasts for 12 months.

Shackle or Wall mount

Install Within Seconds

Start your keyless experience today without replacing your existing lock. Simply hang the Keybox on your doorknob or mounted it on the wall and it is done!

Populife Keybox has two types of shackles, and it fits on any type of doorknobs, handles, and even fences or gates.

Extra Space

Spacious and Capable

Spacious design allows the Keybox to efficiently fit up to 6 keys, 30+ keycards, or other small valuable items.

It could also occasionally be your portable mini safe when you are out surfing or hiking.

ONE YEAR of power

Ultra Long Battery Life

Populife key box uses BLE Technology to make it consume less power and last longer. 4 AAA Alkaline batteries give you up to 10,000 lock/unlock operations (approx. 12 months). The app will also give you a battery alert when it reaches 20% power.  

Simplify Your Workflow with Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Effortlessly Manage Your Propertys with Populife SaaS

Populife's Smart Keybox and SaaS give you complete control over your devices and data. Our Open API integration allows for seamless integration with your existing management system, make it simple to streamline your workflow, saving you time and reducing errors.

Easy to Install and Use

Only 4 steps to install and initialize the Keybox.

Security Features for Your Peace of Mind

• 3 Levels of User Authority Management

• Automatically lock after closing the Keybox

• Decoy codes before/after the real PIN code

• Beeping alarm when it close improperly

• Low battery notification when it reaches 20%

• Supply Emergency Power with a 9V Battery


How it works

Here are the main ways to unlock:

  1. App Unlocking: With the Populife app, you can remotely share digital keys and let your guests unlock the Smart Keybox through Populife App. You can set a specific validity period for the key, freeze or delete it once it's no longer needed.

2. Keypad Passcode Unlocking: Using the numeric keypad on the device by entering an access code.

* You can easily manage your guests' self-service access process and set a specific validity period. Once the validity period ends, the access codes and digital keys will automatically expire.

Great news! Our product is the perfect solution for Airbnb hosts, property managers, and car rental companies. You can generate time-limited access codes for your guests remotely from anywhere on the planet using the Populife App.

Our proprietary algorithm technology allows you to do this without the need for the device to be connected to the internet.

As the owner of the device, you can also set an administrator code. Populife Smart Keybox also offers various types of passcodes to cater to your access needs. You can select from the following options:

  • Permanent codes: randomly generated by the system and can be used indefinitely.
  • Time-limited codes: randomly generated by the system with a specified valid period.
  • One-time codes: randomly generated by the system and expire after one use.
  • Custom codes: 6-9 digit passwords set by you with a specified valid period.

* Permanent codes, Time-limited codes, and One-time codes can be generated remotely without the need for the keybox to be connected to the internet.

Populife Smart Keybox can store up to 300 unique and valid passcodes. Once a code expires or is deleted, a new quota will be available again for generating new passcode. You can generate an infinite number of passcode!


If you're purchasing our Smart Keybox for personal use, you'll only need to use the App during the initial setup process. Afterwards, you can always unlock the keybox using the keypad.

We also offer an Electronic Keybox thatthat works without the App at all, and can be fully controlled through the keypad commands.

However, it's worth noting that the Smart Keybox provides the added convenience of being able to view unlock records and generate time-limited access codes through the App, features which are not available with the Electronic Keybox.

No worries. Populife Smart Keybox is equipped with low-power Bluetooth technology, providing up to 12 months of battery life. At 20% battery level, the keypad flashes and the Populife App displays the remaining power.
And in case of emergency, simply use a 9V battery to power up your keybox. With Populife Smart Keybox, you'll never have to worry about losing access to your valuables again!

All in Populife App

You could manage all the Populife devices to share access, control locks and view access records. All in one app

Smart Keybox Pro Specs

Does it fit to you?

We often get asked a lot by how long and how height it is? What is the thickness of it? Here, we show you everything in a glance.

Tech Specs

Color Black
Dimensions Overall Size: 195(h) x 66(w) x 42(D) mm
Inner Dimensions 100(h) x 60(w) x 35(D) mm
Hanging Hole Size Diameter: 28.6mm (1-1/8")
Material Zinc Alloy
Weight 2.20 Pounds
Unlock Options PIN Code, Bluetooth Key via App
Installation Options Mounted on wall or hanged on Knob
Door Thickness No Limited
Durability 10.000 times lock & unlock (approx 12 months)
Water & Dust REsistance IP66
Working Temperature -25°C~65°C (-13°F~149°F)
Certificate FCC, CE ESD, TELEC
Battery 4 AAA Batteries
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Emergency Battery 9V Alkaline Battery (Not Included)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
The Crow’s Nest
Works great!

I know this is so expensive because of the smart features & being able to sync it with your phone/device but I appreciate that you are not required to do that for it to work. My husband is tech paranoid so he is afraid someone will hack it and break into it to get our extra key but it's obvious that it'd be much easier to break a window & break in that way but whatever. So, I have not downloaded the app or connected it to my phone yet, but it still works great.

It fits on the doorknob tightly & I feel safe with our spare key inside it on the back door for an emergency. It was fairly easy to install the backup batteries (I wish it came with batteries for how expensive it is) & screw on the inside plate (teeny tiny screws but it includes a little screwdriver so that was helpful). My biggest complaint is all the angry beeping sounds when I was trying to put the inside plate on because the buttons kept getting hit while I held it - I wish there was an off or something so you could tell it to go to sleep while you're doing that or something. It's pretty heavy & feels really well made and high quality. It's been really easy to use so far, and I like how much hardware it includes to be able to mount on the wall if you wanted. I'll update my review after I try out the tech side of this device. This would be a game changer for rentals or for households that have people come over while no one is home (ie. professionals like housekeepers, repair people, dog walkers, etc.) but don't want to give out keys. Great product, great idea - I recommend.

Turd Ferguson
Great for an Airbnb, rental property, or Realtor

I really like this lock box! It has some weight to it and feels more durable and secure than the cheap lock boxes you find at most Airbnb's. I like that it has Bluetooth instead of WiFi because I don't have WiFi at the property where I am using it. Overall, I think this is a quality lock box at a reasonable price.

Chris B
Great replacement

One of our lockboxes finally bit the dust. It was old and started to rust. This one is an excellent replacement and a significant upgrade. Easy to use.

Cy Entist
Surprisingly good

This is a sturdy feeling lock box, operated by digital code on the front or by the app. The app has a variety of options for unlocking, setting up different codes for one time use, limited time use, different users, etc. This could really help keep track of exactly who was the last person to access it, since it also keeps. along. The app is easy to set up, and you can use the app to share codes with others who also have the app.

This looks very sleek, and has a couple of different mounting options to help find what works and looks the best.

The Ultimate Wireless Smart Key Lock Box for Home Security and Convenience

The 2024 Updated Populife Smart Key Lock Box Version exceeded all my expectations! Its seamless wireless technology allowed me to securely store my house key outdoors without the hassle of remembering codes or needing Wi-Fi. As a realtor and Airbnb host, I find its smart Bluetooth padlock feature to provide added convenience and peace of mind for both my guests and me