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Smart Fingerprint keybox

Sale price$149.00

Control the keybox in real time

Smart Fingerprint keybox

Though the keybox can work offline with App, we know you want more.

So here we present the combo set of smart keybox online version.

You can do more with proprietary wifi gateway.

For example, you can change the code in real time.

You can sync time with device.

You can check the real time access logs.

You can check real time battery status.

You can check if the device is offline or not.

All these can be done while you are on the way.

This bring the connected keybox with a dashboard management which is generally used for massive deployment.

Always get connected!

Three ways to share the code

1. Generate PIN codes on the "Populife" app, and share them remotely with your guests through text messages.

2. Unlock the Keybox via digital key within 5-9 meters of physical range. The digital key can only be shared within the app.

3. Connect your Keybox to a Wifi Gateway, you can remotely unlock the Keybox without sharing any PIN code or digital key.

* You can manage and share unlimited access at the same time.

Stick ? Shackle? or Wall mount

Install Within Seconds

Start your keyless experience today without replacing your existing lock. Simply hang the Keybox on your doorknob or mounted it on the wall and it is done!

Populife Keybox has two types of shackles, and it fits on any type of doorknobs, handles, and even fences or gates.

Extra Large

Spacious and Capable

Spacious design allows the Keybox to efficiently fit up to 6 keys, 30+ keycards, or other small valuable items.

It could also occasionally be your portable mini safe when you are out surfing or hiking.

TWO YEAR of power

Super Ultra Long Battery Life

Populife key box uses No Wireless signal to consume any power, therefore it is super last longer. 4 AAA Alkaline batteries give you up to 20,000 lock/unlock operations (approx. 24 months). When the battery is less than 20%, it will give you red light alarm.

A trustworthy brand

we care about long term relationship with you


Zinc alloy front body, with PA66 back body make it strong and durable. Withstand fall within 2 meter.


Could be used for outdoor, operation temperature ranges from -25°C~55°C (-13°F~131°F).


You do not have to hide your essentials anywhere else, just put them in front of your door, elegantly.


Not just for keys, it can store a variety of important things, watch, SD cards, car key, credit card, just to name a few.

Smart Fingerprint Keybox Specs


Does it fit to you?

We often get asked a lot by how long and how height it is? What is the thickness of it? Here, we show you everything in a glance.

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