Benefits of padlocks for commercial real estate

Benefits of padlocks for commercial real estate

Recently, many real estate and intermediary companies have come into contact with smart padlocks and believe that smart padlocks can greatly reduce the trouble of key managers and increase the work efficiency of real estate company employees. Compared with smart locks, padlocks are cheaper and affordable.

Padlocks can be used in a wide range of fields. Real estate refers not only to real estate companies, but also to office buildings, shopping malls, medical centers, residences, commercial properties, and public administration apartments. Padlocks can become smart homes to ensure the safety of their supplies and gates by using keyless entry systems.


Real estate

The traditional mode of house viewing is that real estate agents lead potential customers to see houses at an agreed time, while the new mode of house viewing no longer requires the participation of intermediaries. Potential customers only need to communicate well with the intermediary online. The intermediary will help the customer unlock the padlock on the access control software, and the customer can go to the empty unit anytime, anywhere, and at his free time.

In addition, potential customers do not need to go to the designated place to get the key, nor do they need to agree on a time with the intermediary. This saves customers a lot of time and improves the efficiency of house viewing.

For real estate companies, their investment in padlocks is undoubtedly correct. The Populife padlock can be unlocked with the help of remote access function, which can give temporary access to the guest and save the commuting time of intermediary personnel, expand the sale of houses, and even empty units in the suburbs can be managed.

For those tenants who want to earn extra rent with commercial space, padlocks can be used to ensure the security of empty units.


Office building

The safety of commercial buildings cannot be ignored. Padlocks can be used for important documents, important material warehouses, private office, and safes in the office building. Ordinary padlocks are not only easy to be corroded and rusted by moisture in the air due to long-term use, but intelligent padlocks do not have such concerns.

Padlocks will also be installed at the door of some offices for employees to enter and exit. Only employees' fingerprints need to be entered, or property managers can use remote access to unlock by installing Populife applications.


Multi-family housing management

Apartment buildings have become the choice of many young people. Most of the student apartments or staff apartments adopt public management. In the past, building managers always needed to carry a bunch of keys, but now they only need fingerprints to unlock, avoiding the key from falling. It is also convenient for managers to manage keys and view unlocking logs.

If a thief steals, the Populife padlock records the time and place when the padlock is unlocked, so the padlock log becomes important evidence and helps the owner of the house find a solution faster.


Medical Center

Important medical facilities in hospitals, clinics, and sanatoriums need to be safely stored. The cost of these medical facilities is very high. Traditional locks and mortise locks no longer meet people's requirements for security. If patients need to use damaged medical facilities, it will cause big trouble.

At the same time, hospital pharmacy management is also very important. A pharmacy is an important place in the hospital, and other people except administrators should be forbidden to enter.

The main reasons for banning outsiders from entering the pharmacy are to prevent vendors from buying and selling or changing drugs, and to ensure the material safety of the hospital.



Compared with electronic door locks, business door locks, and biometric door locks, smart padlocks are more cost-effective, which means that you can spend less money to have a security solution and protect your commercial property or rental property. The access mode of the Populife padlock is fingerprint unlocking without a PIN code or key card.

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