The Populife padlock makes self-service storage more convenient

The Populife padlock makes self-service storage more convenient

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In life, businesses have arranged many lockers to facilitate people to store goods, but the safety performance of ordinary lockers is not high, and the door locks are easily damaged, resulting in the loss of customers' property.

The Populife smart padlock can provide a wide range of services for people who need to store items. It has high security performance, and is unlocked by mobile phone software or fingerprint, without the need to carry a key. Compared with smart locks and electronic locks, padlocks have a cheaper price. Other Wi-Fi smart lock need a pin code or RF card to unlock. The Populife smart padlock only needs your fingerprint to unlock successfully.



Many high-end gyms are dedicated to VIP customers, and they will provide high-end service equipment. First of all, the locker is the most important tool to ensure the safety of customers' goods and property. The Populife smart padlock can add an additional layer of protection to the door lock. Customers can directly unlock the door on their mobile phone with remote access, and without putting heavy keys in their pockets. In addition, it doesn't need the key cards and access cards.

Secondly, many fitness centers are equipped with swimming pools. The Populife smart padlock has a waterproof function, and there is no need to worry that water will wet the padlock and cause rust.

Padlocks can also be installed at the safety entrance to ensure the safety of goods and property in the store. Although the ordinary gate can also play a role in preventing theft, it is easy for thieves to pry open the ordinary gate. If you are willing to install a padlock for your gate, this will add additional protection.

With the padlock tool, you can store your own items without having to go to the front desk staff to get the keys or mortgage items.


Entertainment place

The swimming pool and amusement park are the places where people lose the most items. Because there is a large flow of people in the entertainment place, if a good storage system is not set up, people who lose items will get an unsatisfactory playing experience.

The body of the Populife padlock is made of zinc alloy, which is very hard and friction resistant. Its waterproof function also plays a role in amusement places or swimming pools.

When the safety of tourists' property and goods is guaranteed, they will have a better travel experience. Smart padlock can become a good tool for storage cabinets in entertainment places.


Storage equipment

The padlock can be hung on the warehouse door indoors or outdoors. Changes in the weather will not affect the use of padlocks. Generally speaking, the warehouse is equipped with an administrator to manage the keys and goods of the warehouse, but this method cannot fully guarantee the safety of the warehouse. The smart padlock can record the unlocking time each time, and the administrator can directly view the warehouse through the mobile phone.

The rolling shutter door and the site entrance are important checkpoints to ensure the safety of materials, but ordinary keys are easy to be engraved. At this time, an intelligent padlock is required, and only the fingerprint of the administrator can unlock it.


School storage equipment

In order to keep students' personal belongings, many schools have also installed lockers. However, due to a large number of installations, it is unrealistic to equip each student with an intelligent password lock. In order to save money and protect students' belongings, schools can buy smart padlocks.

School security room or sports equipment room can also use padlocks to ensure the safety of items.

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