The smart lockbox can be used for recreational vehicles

The smart lockbox can be used for recreational vehicles

When you travel in a recreational vehicle, the smart lock box can bring more safety and security to your weekend travel.

The smart lock box is widely used. Have you ever thought about how a smart lock box can bring benefits to leisure car rental platforms and car rental customers?

Usually, the recreational vehicle is equivalent to a mobile home. For travelers, all items in the recreational vehicle are their important property. Ordinary door handles are very safe for car rental customers. The installation of a smart lock box can make customers use the vehicle more at ease. At the same time, for the rental platform, after installing the smart lock box to improve the security, customer satisfaction is improved, so more new customers will choose this rental platform.


Benefits of the smart lock box to car rental platform

Unlike ordinary vehicles, when renting a large recreational vehicle, customers often consider more aspects, such as the space size of the vehicle, whether it contains a kitchen or bathroom, and whether the furniture in the car is complete. The safety of vehicle door locks is usually the most worrying problem for customers.

The smart lock box protects the safety of car keys. The security of car keys can also reduce the cost of re-customizing car keys for car rental companies. It is an important responsibility of car rental companies to protect the property and goods of car rental customers. After installing the smart lock box, you can put the car key directly into the lock box and unlock it with a PIN code. After successfully renting a car, customers can install the Populife program on their mobile phones and set a password in the app. This password can be used during the use of the car rental user until the expiration of the car rental period.

The smart lock box is convenient for the car rental platform to manage vehicles. The car rental platform can clearly know when customers start using the vehicle through the unlocking time of the smart lock box. When customers enter the PIN password sent by the platform to unlock the lock box, relevant unlocking time information will be transmitted to the mobile app of the car rental platform manager, so that the car rental time can be accurately calculated.

The smart lock box is removable, which is convenient for car rental companies to remove and install the lock box on another door at any time, without repeated purchase.

The Popup key box uses BLE technology to consume less power and last longer. Four AAA alkaline batteries can provide you with up to 10000 lock / unlock operations (about 12 months). In other words, when the leasing company purchases the smart lock box, it only needs to replace the battery once a year, without long-term maintenance.


Benefits of smart lock box to recreational vehicles tenants

The Populife smart lock box has a spacious accommodation function. The key box can effectively hold up to 6 keys, more than 30 key cards, or other small valuables. For tenants, they can not only put car keys; but also put other cards or valuables in the lock box.

When you go surfing or hiking, it may also occasionally become your portable mini safe, so that tenants who rent a car don't have to carry car keys with them.

During the journey, if you and your colleagues have different destinations, you can also use the function of remote access to unlock the lock box for the partner who arrives at the vehicle first, without letting him wait outside the vehicle.

The smart lock box will beep when it is not closed. Or when it is unlocked by a stranger, your mobile phone will receive the unlocking information. At this time, you should be vigilant. Your items will be at risk of theft, and you can return to the vehicle in time to check the items. Vehicles without a smart lock box will not have any reminder function. Therefore, recreational vehicles are people's mobile homes, and smart lock boxes are important intelligent tools to protect this home.



Renting recreational vehicles is now the transportation choice for many families to travel, so leisure vehicles have become a place for people to place property and important items. With intelligent lock boxes, we can better protect the safety of vehicles. A smart lock box allows you to travel safely and enjoy the holiday.

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