The user case of the lockbox in the car washing business

The user case of the lockbox in the car washing business

The emerging way of car washing is favored by people. Just a smart lock box can bring great convenience to customers and personnel in the car washing industry.

Are you still worried about waiting in line for the car wash? When you wash the car, do you still hand over your car keys to those vehicle managers you have never met? An intelligent lock box may make you feel a more advanced and simple way to wash the car.

Here is how the smart lock box disrupts your car washing experience

The picture above is a simple flow chart. You can clearly see that in Figure 1, the car drives into the square, then the car drives into the parking lot, and orders the car wash service on the mobile phone software. At this time, you will receive an PIN code for the smart lock box. When you put the car key into the smart lock box, you can leave the vehicle without waiting in line. At this time, you can enjoy your weekend, and your car is also being cleaned. After cleaning, you will receive relevant information, and then go back to pick up the car.

How does the lock box work in the car washing service

The smart lock box is actually unlocked by inputting the correct PIN code, which plays a role in keeping and storing the key.

Lock boxes are usually surrounded by door handles, railings, or fences outside the house. Some brands of key safes can be permanently installed on walls or other flat surfaces. For the car washing service industry, the smart lock box can be placed on the column or wall next to the parking space. For the car washing service industry, the smart lock box can be placed on the column or wall next to the parking space. Although the old generation of key password boxes has their own keys to open them, most password boxes now require a four-digit security code to access the content.

The car washing shop with a smart lock box may charge higher service fees, but it brings the higher value of smart services.

The traditional mechanical lock box is no longer suitable for modern service places. Smart locks can bring a more comfortable and convenient experience to car washing customers through new technology.


No more waiting in line for the car wash

Are you still worried about the long line for washing the car? If you are a car wash manager, should you solve the problem of queuing for customers? This smart lock box can solve your problems.

You can park the car in the parking lot directly, put the car key in the smart lock box and leave, waiting for the car wash personnel to pick up the car. This saves the time of car washing customers and gives them more time to arrange activities.


High security of smart lock box

The insurance agent can solve the problem of vehicle damage or scratches, but if the key is lost in the process of washing the car, the problem becomes difficult.

Although the traditional mechanical lock box is cheaper than the smart lock box, its security is far lower than the smart lock box. The mechanical lock box will also rust due to extreme weather, but the smart lock box has a waterproof coating and a hard body. The unlocking method of the smart lock box is generally to unlock by entering a PIN code or fingerprint, unlike the traditional key, which has a high risk of losing.

The waterproof function of the intelligent lock box can prevent the water sprayed during car washing. It is a perfect intelligent choice for the car washing industry.

When customers drive the car to the parking lot of the car washing shop, they can book a car wash service on their mobile device, and the app will transmit the unlocking password of the smart lock box to the customers. You don't need to worry that others can crack your password, and the program will replace each customer with a new password.

The smart lock box is convenient for staff to manage

With the smart lock box, there is no need to worry about the loss or confusion of keys. Faced with a large number of car keys, the car washing service industry may worry about losing customers' car keys, and the smart lock box can easily solve this problem.


Enjoy your holidays without worrying about car washing

The installation of the smart lock box allows customers to no longer wait. After putting the car key into the lock box, you can enjoy life. You can go to the shopping center for dinner or accompany your children to an amusement park. When the car wash is completed, you will receive a message on the car wash service app, and then you can go to the car wash shop to retrieve your vehicle.

A complete and convenient car washing service cannot be separated from the help of a smart lock box. Its intelligent service will make customers more satisfied with the car washing experience.



The smart lock box will bring these advantages to the car washing industry and customers: high security, no customer queuing, saving time, convenience and ease for car washing personnel to manage keys.  The Populife smart lock box is a kind of affordable high-quality intelligent product, which can provide better customer service for car washing shops.

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