Smart lockbox for car sharing

Smart lockbox for car sharing

The key storage lock box has many access modes and levels.  Buying a lock box can not only provide security for your car;  but also control the lock boxes of multiple cars at the same time on the mobile app, which is very convenient for car rental companies.

Bike-sharing has become a hot topic in the past few years. Because it makes it easier for people to commute, bike-sharing has been widely used. Shared bicycles are only suitable for short-distance cycling and cannot meet long-distance travel. Therefore, shared cars have emerged current time, which can save a lot of time by bus or train for those young people who have not bought a car, so that they can also reach their destination through car rental services.

According to the customers of the car rental platform, it is very troublesome and time-consuming to go to a fixed place to get the key, and there will be key loss during travel, which has caused great trouble to the car owners of the rental platform.

Do you believe that a lock box can easily solve these problems The man who has the key management can directly put the key in the lock box and transmit the lockbox code to the guest who rented the car that day. The guest can directly take out the key by entering the PIN codes, and there is no need to meet the owner of the rental platform.


The lock box is a smart device choice for diving and mountaineering enthusiasts

If you are a traveler, buying a lock box can reduce a lot of your troubles. Many diving enthusiasts do not know where to put the car key. If they put it in the bag on the beach, they may face the risk of theft. Putting it in the pocket of the diving suit will affect the diving experience, and the car key may cause the diving suit to crack or scratch the skin.

The lock box has an amazing feature that box can withstand super force to prevent thieves from destroying it violently. Some lock boxes can be unlocked successfully through WiFi access, and some can be unlocked through access with a fingerprint.

Unlock your vehicle with one click

Remote unlocking technology can unlock the lock box thousands of miles away with one key. The owner of the car-sharing platform can install relevant apps, and then open the lockbox directly for the tenant on the mobile phone software or by transmitting the access codes with remote access.

During the period when the novel coronavirus swept the earth, this reduced people's contact and reduced the spread of the virus.

At the same time, it also saves the time for the tenant to pick up the key in person, so that the tenant has more time to enjoy the weekend relaxation time.

In addition to the access mode of remotely unlocking the lock box, you can also set the unlocking mode to automatically unlock the lock box when you approach the vehicle.

Traditional car-sharing companies usually provide services for customers online 24 hours a day, but with this smart lock box, you can set the access time in advance to unlock the door for customers.

You can install the key anywhere

For the platform of car rental service, the adjustable digital lockbox can change its position at will, you can install the key in the empty room in the parking lot or directly on the window, which will not damage your window. It is actually a portable product.

The key lockbox is waterproof and can withstand a certain degree of scratch.

In addition, the key lock has a wide range of applications. In addition to the car key, you can also put the room key in it. When you get home from work, park the car behind the garage, put the car key lock in the key box, and take out the home key from inside to open the door, which is convenient for people. The smart device reduces the trouble of people forgetting or losing the key.

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Compared with conventional lock boxes, Populife's lockbox is an affordable lockbox product. In addition to solving the problem of forgetting the key, when guests want to borrow the house key or car key to enter the room or use the vehicle, it also allows visitors to open the lockbox through the instructions on the host's mobile phone software. This kind of lock box is also the best intelligent choice for Airbnb hosts, the installation of the lock box provides security for the property owners.

The smart tracking function can ensure the safety of vehicles and tenants

Once the lockbox is used, it will locate the location of the vehicle in real-time, and synchronize the information to the mobile phone software, so that the car rental platform can understand the location of the vehicle, which is equivalent to the second vehicle positioning instrument, and the car rental platform can clearly know the start time of car rental and accurately control the time through the unlocking time of the key box.

If the vehicle breaks down during the rental process, the lockbox can also help you locate it accurately, send the location information to the rental platform, and provide you with a timely solution.


The key storage lock box has many access modes and levels. Buying a lock box can not only provide security for your car; but also control the lock boxes of multiple cars at the same time on the mobile app, which is very convenient for car rental companies. If you are just an ordinary resident, an affordable high-quality Populife lockbox can help you store house keys and car keys at the same time, which has the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

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