Smart lockbox is the enabler for car sales and the car sharing industry

Smart lockbox is the enabler for car sales and the car sharing industry

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The smart lock box has various functions, which can improve the service experience of potential customers who buy vehicles, and also allow the vehicle management platform to better control the car keys.
Have you ever thought that an intelligent lock box can affect vehicle sales and vehicle sharing platforms? You may think they are irrelevant. Now let me directly introduce to you what kind of convenience the smart lock box can bring to them.


Unlock the lock box with a PIN code

The corresponding software of the smart lock box can hassle-free sharing the access codes. For the vehicle sales platform, many salespersons often fail to give consideration to multiple guests at the same time. If some customers want to try to drive the car in front of them, the salesperson has to look for the key everywhere the moment, which not only wastes the time of receiving other customers; but also reduces the customer's sense of experience in buying the vehicle and reduces the service quality.

At this time, if the exhibition hall of vehicle sales is equipped with smart lock boxes, the thorny problem can be solved. The manager of the smart lock box can tell the customer the lockbox code, and the customer can open the lock box and take out the car key by himself. Managers can also set a one-time password or the duration PIN code for customers. When the password is used, it will become an invalid PIN code.

Remote access function

The Populife smart lock box has a remote access function. The smart lock box is a good assistant to the vehicle sharing platform. Traditional car rental platforms require car rental customers to pick up car keys at designated locations, which wastes a lot of travel time for car rental customers. However, the smart lock box can better store the car keys, protect the safety of the car keys, and let customers get the car keys faster. If you don't want the password of the lock box to be leaked, the vehicle manager can unlock the lock box for customers on the mobile app, and even set the unlocking time to improve the sense of the use of car rental users.

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The smart lock box is convenient for managers to manage keys

Whether it is a vehicle sales platform or a vehicle sharing platform, the management of vehicle keys is very important. However, the smart lock box can help the platform record the access logs and manage keys very well. First, the smart lock box is equivalent to an additional security protection measure for the key. It also has a pocket design to prevent valuables from falling, adding a layer of protection to the car keys. Second, the smart lock box can store access records. The smart lock box can record the unlocking time each time and transmit the information to the manager's mobile phone; so that the manager can know when the customer started the lock box for the first time, and the car rental platform can also accurately calculate the starting time of car rental.


Reduce the risk of virus transmission caused by the face-to-face key exchange

When there is a remote access function or the password is transmitted to the customer through the manager, there is no need to exchange keys face-to-face. Now, novel coronavirus has swept the world, and the exchange and contact of every item can bring the possibility of infection. The installation of a key lock box reduces the risk of people exchanging keys face to face to spread the virus.


Portable lock box

The Populife lock box has the function of shackle or wall mounting. Just hang the key box on the door handle or install it on the wall! For those auto shows on the vehicle sales platform, the portable lock box can be installed and removed at any time without damaging the vehicle or the wall.

There are two types of shackles in the Populife keybox, which are suitable for any type of door handle, handle, or even fence or gate.


A beeping alarm will sound when it is not closed

The security features of a smart lock box are far greater than you think. If the customer who unlocks the lock box does not close the lock box properly, the lock box will give an alarm and play a prompt function.

The alarm information will also be sent to the mobile phone of the key manager; so that the manager can always pay attention to the information of the key in the lock box.

If the lock box is forcibly opened, an alarm will also sound, reducing the probability of losing the car key.



From the advantages of the above smart lockboxes, it can provide better service and experience to car buyers and car rental customers, such as saving customers' time and improving service quality, so as to increase the number of orders and help the platform obtain higher profits. At the same time, it also allows the vehicle sales platform and vehicle sharing platform to have the right to manage the key and know more clearly when the key is used. In general, Populife smart lock box is a perfectly smart choice for vehicle sales and the vehicle sharing industry.

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